Vibration Glitch

I’m currently playing BL:TPS on the XB1. As of earlier today I’ve been experiencing (what I presume to be) a glitch that has my controller vibrating as if the giant laser is going off every time I do something. I leave the echo menu and my controller goes crazy, get in or out of the Stingrays or Moon Buggies and it does the same… accepting/handing in missions, the works… For a guy who likes playing with as little vibration in my controller as possible this is killing me. I’ve tried going in and out of the fast travel, save and quitting, hard quitting the game from the dash, just about everything I can think of, and there’s no option to just turn vibration off altogether.

If it helps, I’m pretty sure this started when I was going in/out of my echo briefly in Concordia, right as the laser was going off. A fix would be great or just any advice to get this to go away would be fantastic too. Thanks, game is top otherwise!

Are you using the Moxxi laser? The one she gives you out of her “toy box” - does shock damage.

It vibrates. Not constantly, but having it equipped causes a few sec. of vibration under all those circumstances you listed.

This is a known issue that the team is working hard on. Stay tuned and as soon as we have more info on a fix, we’ll let everyone know. :smile: