[Vid] No Seein' Dead / True M Take Down (Rogue Lite)

For fun.


I love this - I run a Dahl Zane (though Barrier instead of Clone), and I’ll play at way lower levels so I can use crappier weapons/gear (and that build is weird to me - even better!)

The only reason you’re running Dopplebanger is so you can hit the next area with a fresh Clone? Like if you needed some other offense/defense and weren’t in a hurry, you could use something else?

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I had quit playing with Zane before Zane’s clone became powerful.
In the first M3 of this game I used a clone, but there was an update at that time and I had chosen Barrier for the higher DPS. I don’t think the combination of Drone and Barrier will be bad while using DAHL weapons.
And if you don’t use SD, it seems like a huge advantage to have a fresh Action Skill with your own plan. Yes it is the only reason.
I think Clone + Barrier is also good.

Badass :dukecigar:

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Oh ■■■■ yeah - this is the way! :metal:
You’re my first subscription that wasn’t an in-person friend (so now I have two :laughing:).

Did that Cutpurse Launchpad give you like 700 ammo? Holy crap… never even seen one of those. That’s a game changer for ammo for sure… need one for my CoV FL4K for sure.

What do you like about the Beast? I mean, it’s a good gun, but I haven’t taken it for a real spin yet, so to see it in the company of those weapons makes me think there’s something more to it.

Do you use Like A Ghost, or is that just what the dice threw at that Hustler COM?

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I like how the Beast’s bullets go through the first target and hit the ones behind. And because it fires multiple pellets, it can produce many hits at once. This makes Hustler com get more crits with compliant dps of the beast.

So the gun makes the CCC refresh more often. Especially against enemies such as Valkyrie Squad, the Beast easily extract Brain Freeze, making it easier to play games.
It is also fun to make the enemy’s formation into a single file and shoot.

I think 5/5 Brain Freeze would be the best but it’s not bad because Like a Ghost has perfect synergy with CCC(Edit I think this is wrong).

And thanks for your subscription. :slight_smile:

Nice - haven’t played super extensively with either of these; that synergy is good to know.

I do love this mechanic. In BL2, I’d use singularity grenades to help bunch 'em up for this, but they seem to scatter them randomly in BL3.

Yeah singularity grenades in 3 are disappointing. However, considering the defensive effect, I think the effect is not bad.

I clenched at 3:47.

Also great build.

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@13igTyme I did. Thanks. :slight_smile:

this man uses ads on zane :d that makes two of us fools megalul

It’s not easy to understand.

ads means aim down sights

i am memeing about how much dmg you lose as zane when you ads for crits compared to just running and sparying from hip witch negligable accuracy loss in 10 meter range
even though it is not the most effective thing i still do it out of habbit because shooting crit spots is what i am used to. you seem to have same habit.

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Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Wow, really cool! It’s nice to see Zane with different class mods, and using CCC. I think I’ll try both of your builds and see how it goes.

Question, why use a Pearl instead of a Ice Breaker/Snowdrift Vic Rush?

Just SD is better… but if you gonna try, Conductor + CCC will help your DPS.

I got same question on utube and I answered him “I think Pear is better than both. The DPS it provides is better and the additional speed of movement is unlikely to be of much help :)”

But I don’t sure 100%. :slight_smile:

Perhaps if the effects of both the Conductor and the Hustler were combined into one, it could be used instead of SD as the best DPS com.

This is not very relevant, but I think it will be in balance if the condition of DS is changed to Crit instead of general attack, and the 25% rise is separated by another com.

@Hexxusz0r I saw my 2 uploads of Zane again. And I found your point was correct . I think the first video I uploaded was not good because it was my first time playing Zane in more than half a year. The second one seems a little better.

Serial ADSer here. My Atlas allegiance Zane will ADS after a target is tagged. Shotguns? ADS. Melee and grenades? Yes please.

In BL2, I would ADS with the Wanderlust, for which there is no aim.
(I mean, there is, but as maybe one of a dozen people who legit mained that weapon, I’ll be taking this secret to my grave. :stuck_out_tongue:).

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the reason why you get this question is because pearl provides gun damage boost while icebreaker is v1 or v2 therefore gives more damage at certain point of gun damage stack than pearl same for snowdrift. this question originates from the fact that together with damage oriented anointed bonuses and skill tree you stack so much gun damage that pearl has more diminishing returns than victory rush/icebreaker what people do not know is that more off meta you play more you might need gun damage