[Vid-Tutorial] Blender-to-Homeworld Crash Course

Posted to make sure no one missed it :smiley:

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A few notes:

  • LS/LE in Anims are ‘Loop start’ and ‘Loop End’ - relative to the start/end (hence how they’re usually 0).
  • Markers are used by various things - effects spawning, etc. Ships often place them where it would look nice to have fires or damage laying on the ship.

Thanks for the info @BitVenom!
Speaking of markers - is their any important difference between ones that are setup like the hardpoints (up, down, heading etc.) and the 3D axis ones?

I’m not really sure what you mean? So maybe that’s a ‘no’?

I slightly forgot what it was; so what I actually meant was:

The markers in the Tur_P1Mothership single joints aka “MARK[right_00]”

While the markers for the fighters in the examples are the same, with “marker visual mesh_ncl1_2” as a child etc.
Are these visual markers simply for show and totally unimportant to the game?
Sorry if it’s already been answered.

It’s hard to say, in that they vary by use - which is mostly dictated by scripts. In the HOD files they are just points with orientations - scripts turn them into whatever they’re really meant to be. To the format itself, it hardly matters.

The ‘new’ HOD format (not this HODOR update, maybe the next?) - will have joints/markers broken out of the HOD into their own storage file - making editing and over-rides super easy; the whole ‘ship patching’ thing I’ve talked about…

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Spoiler alert :smiley:
Sounds great mate, look forward to it.

This is awesome, thank you so much for putting this together @DKesserich.

Great! This is a huge support to modding… in eager to start using it, but will gladly wait for it to be done right and a separate config for markers is brilliant

You don’t have to wait - your DAE files for your own ships will get ‘new HOD’ support when HODOR/engine are updated for it (bye bye hacked CfHODEd) - but that feature won’t be ready for another few weeks - as a post coming a bit later today will explain :wink:

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