Video/Animatics Won't End?

I’m having an issue where the videos that play in this game, such as the story segments or the intro logos, appear to become stuck after they finish playing. It’s as if they get stuck on the last frame of the video and the only way to continue is to press escape and skip the cutscene. I don’t like doing this, as I’m always afraid that I will skip something unintentionally.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

I don’t remember it being an issue for me during the campaigns, but I do have that problem with the introduction video when launching the game (the gearbox logo). It will finish the video, but never continue onward without a keystroke.

@antispimmer, does this work for both Hw1 and Hw2, or just one of them? Also, is this for the classic or remastered games?

I always have to hit Esc in the GBX logo, or it’ll stay black forever.

Seriously? That’s not good or correct. Adding that to the bugs to kill list… what the heck?!


Thank you.

Same here. It’s a behavior I’ve seen since the game was released.

I just tested this in the campaign again today, and right now this issue only seems to be affecting the intro video. The rest of the cutscenes appear to be working as expected. I’m pretty sure that was not the case for me the first time I noticed this issue, but it only appears to be affecting the initial logo animation now.