Video Clips That Make You Go Hmm - BL3 Edition

I think that it’s finally time for Borderlands 3 to receive this treatment as well: have you ever seen a phenomenon best described as…unusual? Have you ever witnessed the unfolding of a series of mysterious events, only wondering “How could this have happend?”.

Well then, this is the place for you! Feel free to post clips of any weird Borderlands 3 shenanigans that made you stop and go “Hmm”!

For those who’re unaware, this is a companion post to many pre-existing threads, also containing video clips (BL2, TPS and even Battleborn!) or screenshots (BL1, BL2 and TPS).

I’ll start with a few examples:

  • Here we have Amara with a PSA: remember, even in space, there’s gravity:
  • I was in Photo Mode, when I came across a marvel of COV engineering at work:
  • Confused guardians (actually, does anybody know what’s going on here? They seem to do it every time I go there):
  • Rakk mating rituals:

Me and @sammantixbb were on our way to kill Katagawa Jr. and we discovered Atlas Platform 9 3/4 and I was so confused.

I’m still so confused. Just… wait, what???


Not sure what is going on with Brick here

This is science…


I’m sorry…what?

A nice-looking digi-map glitch inside the Handsome Jackpot…

…and a Goliath doing some excercise.

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A Couple of funny glitches I had lately

Ava being stuck walking against a wall

Weird cutsman shot on Handome Jack dummy

Goliath whiffing melee

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Quite a few new clips!

Zane shenanigans:

Amara struggling:

Standard vehicle mechanics:

Miscellaneous weirdness:


I particularly liked the person who left a vehicle on the road so a bandit technical crashed into it :joy:

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