(Video)-Discussion:Top 3 Reasons People Think Battleborn is Boring(Pro Battleborn)

Hello guys I made a video discussing My 3 reasons(if you wouldn’t like to watch, or simply don’t have time the 3 reasons are 1)skill gap 2) Playing alone 3) Not being able to find a niche character) three reasons as to why I believe people think Battleborn is boring from their experience in the beta(this is from what I found on non Battleborn forums, and personal gaming blog websites EXAMPLES: LazyGamer, Kotaku, CulturedVultures), and decided y’all might want to see it on this forum, so here it is(felt it was too long to just write on a forum for discussion so that’s why I made a video):


I know vids are popular, but since this forum is based on the written word, any chance of a precis?

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Top 3 reasons people dislike Battleborn:

  1. FPS people think this is another FPS, pissed because it actually isn’t just another FPS game
  2. MOBA people think this is another MOBA, pissed because it actually isn’t just another MOBA game
  3. It’s not from Blizzard



Alright changing now.

Well, seems people are not very openminded these days. What its wrong with having something extra, something special?
I love FPS and I´ll ignore the PvP-Moba stuff, and many people love Mobas and they´ll ignore Story-missions.
And in my opinion: that its not from Blizzard is a pro-BB-argument…

Its hard how any gamers lack the ability to adapt to new things while they cry for innovation. Paradox.

Dunno that’s what i got watching this forum and the steam foruns. People get tunnel vision and don’t really appreciate studios trying new things and deviate from the norm. shrugs

Ya my thing isn’t about Disliking, it’s about people getting bored of it.

I agree with you maker of the video this game is quite complex. This game gets too much hate, and I haven’t had so much fun with this game also since halo reach when me and my friends would play on two different tv’s. This game however im having fun just solo or even split co-op with my friends or brother.I really appreciate gearbox for taking a step on the side of innovation, this game feels so much refreshing compared to so many other moba’s and FPS I have played, and trust me i have played ALOT. I’m behind this game all the way and I hope it changes the gaming industry in terms of innovation, fun, and moba-esqe gameplay.


YES dude those Reach days were the best :pensive: That’s why I hope to see these Battleborn days last.

Great Video Bro.

I think you’re right with your points there, but there is one more thing that I think really hurt Battleborn in terms of first reception – and it is the marketing. While I can’t bitch out about how Blizzard has tons of money to spill on marketing (ads, streams, super high-budged videos and all that) when 2K doesn’t, I can however praise them for doing a really good job defining their game. I mean, the slogan of Battleborn was: ‘‘For Every Kind of Badass’’ and I think its a little tricky for the customer, because your first association for this is: ‘‘Oh, so its X’’ or ‘‘Oh, its Y’’: when you don’t have a basic definition, you’re trying to create your own, and we can’t help that, people just like to compare stuff, its more simple. So yeah, I get where this comes from – while they have a lot of characters to choose from and that’s really increases the pitch for potential players, the game is certainly NOT for everyone: its different, its got the MOBA-like feel to it, but with the wackiness of Borderlands – and that’s something not everyone might be pleased with.

So in my opinion, when they tried to ‘‘Please everyone’’ with there game, they pleased almost no one. There is something called ‘‘Targeting’’ in marketing, and I think 2K and Gearbox just relied too much on: ‘‘Oh. its… hmm, its a game, and its really fun! You should play it and learn what it is’’ – when the competition is so intense, they can’t just put themselves to sleep just with that principle. Bet most of us got to see that the Open beta (=when people got the change to actually play the game) just increased the interest for Battleborn and the hype just went up, so I think the launch on May 3rd will be a little better for Gearbox.

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Ya, it is a very hard title to market in the first place, just like Borderlands(but in this case harder than borderlands). It’s hard to say in one sentence what it is, hard for people to really get what it is, and makes people confused and sometimes even angry that there’s a mix of so many different things. In the end their greatest marketing tool: there’s 4 more slots on the lobby menu besides you. Word of mouth is THE most efficient marketing tool, it worked for Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and let’s hope(and Gearbox hope) that it works for this game…which it probably will in my opinion.

“its not from blizzard” well if you cant see past a company and a good game then your quite blind end of story. Goes for anything not just blizzard/gearbox/2k.

giving how toxic the comunity of overwatch is, im pretty sure that’s even a positive thing.


i suppose it just gets old and rather annoying after awhile.
welcome to the internet i guess though

I couldn’t agree more. There are Blizzard/Overwatch fans who have been harassing the Battleborn community on social media, YouTube, and even here. It’s quite troublesome and any interest I may have had in Overwatch was stripped away by the general behaviour of many community members. I just want to enjoy a good game and play with good people, I have found that here on Battleborn in the open beta and my personal community continues to grow with both good players and generally good people alike!


I agree for the most part.

Fun is the number one thing for me with this game. I have debated with people endlessly on this point. Just play the game for fun. People seem to take game way too seriously these days.

I plan on playing alone in the beginning as no one I know is going to play. Doesn’t bother me.

–Oscar Mike For Life–


That’s why I wanted you to write down your points in a little more detail.

i had 60 bucks already on psn specifically for overwatch, and if it’s not even launched and comunity is this toxic, cant even imagine how would that be in 6 months when it gets “really competitive”

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Reminiscent of CoD, isn’t it? Aside from the games being repetitive cash-cows, I left because I realised that the mature gamers were being grossly outnumbered by the younger players and immature ones alike. All the insulting messages, ugh I’m too old for all that lol I just wanna play a game with friends and enjoy myself.


i miss when games were all about that. hey! here comes battleborn! (which i hope it has the same comunity that i knew back in borderlands launch times)

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