(Video)-Discussion:Top 3 Reasons People Think Battleborn is Boring(Pro Battleborn)

What platform are you on? If PS4, add me! I have a community of competitive and casual players alike, we’re all good people who enjoy the game for what it is and we love to chat and theorise about the game as well as complete various challenges. The more competitive ones of the group tend to play our mains and the less competitive ones usually play as healers or sacrificial leads and tanks but we mix and match, sometimes we play for fun over competition and play private matches or we play a lot of PvE. Overall we’re a good group, come join the fun on May 3rd!



agreed, twitch adds alone satisfy this point. now i like the new “you were born for this” idea battleborn has introduced, but “for every kind of badass” still upsets my stomach. i watched both battleborn panel and major nelson show at pax. it’s amazing that a stage full of guys struggled so much to describe their game, pulling rabbits out hats with specific stats and b roll joke film; while overwatch sends one represenative to another person’s show to explain their game better. now, i’ve preordered bb and i enjoy playing it, but the thought that blizzard just prints money-and gbx and 2k are second class citizens-is a misnomer: blizzard just spends their money wiser. and i’m not referring to quality. i enjoy bb webcomics over ow cinematics. but their bringing out an entire team to sit around and joke was more an appeal for identification with their persons and less to celebrate their work. it just feels anyone describing ow can do so purely and honestly, while battleborn draws this seemingly unnecessary random spiel of anecdote: and i like that about it(i love that about it). it just so easily comes off as “coaxy” , leaving you wondering, what’s the catch? and the answer “there isn’t one” leaves me more confused, unsure, unsettled…

That isn’t always a good thing though. Overwatch can easily be described as “TF2 made after several years of graphics upgrades.” Good if you like TF2 (I struggle having started late, but I want to like it) but not terribly innovative .

Boring? How in da heck can this game be called boring?
Most of the current threads in the Steam forums have nothing to do with it being boring.

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See my Edit to the original post

Is the overwatch community that toxic? I played the recent stress test of overwatch, don’t remember any toxic players and I sucked pretty hard.

I did play some of the early beta of battle born also, I just never got into it, I can go pretty hard when I have a game I like… Like I used to play LoL for hours a day. Battle Born never inspired any such fervor, I really wanted to like it, because the cast of characters are very cool.

Up against Overwatch, which I admittedly know little about, the biggest thing for me was the charm of Battleborn. Many of the characters were appealing to me where very few of Overwatch’s heroes were. Also I am not a MOBA player but I’ve been interested in those games for a while and this seemed like a less detailed / beginner friendly introduction to that concept. Being more MOBA than shooter leads to more team chemistry and that makes the matches way more interesting for me. In Battleborn when I performed poorly I was double disappointed for my team so it drove me to think more about my decisions instead of overextending a thousand times.

lucky you. i had a friend that worked on overwatch, and he invited me about a month ago to the closed betas, and toxic is a short Word for that kind of attitude.

say, i chose Winston, because i liked him in the trailers, and not even two minutes someone starts saying “play the meta, b1tch”, “you are playing off meta” and by the end of the match i got kicked.

i googled wth was that “meta” thing, and from what i saw, im supposed to play 100%defensively when using a tank or defense. no attacking anyone, and not using any offensive skills ever. so, what’s the point in being a mobile tower?

so, i choosed widowmaker for the next match, and someone starts saying i can’t play with her. i ask why and everyone leaves the match.

i can go on all day, i played for around 6 hours and only once i played with a japanese guy that actually said arigato every time i healed him when i was playing as mercy.

anyway, i was still going to preorder and i had my 60 bucks ready, but then they started to invade Facebook and redit, and you should see in battlenet what they think about battleborn players.

so, i brought “shoot lots of robots” and spent my evening having fun. im no longer buying overwatch.

it’s very positive you never ran across toxic guys, but if you google “overwatch toxic” youll find tons and tons of stuff about it. my two cents.


Wow, I didn’t know it was THAT bad yet I’m not surprised. Very disappointing. When ignorant fools make the “Battleborn vs Overwatch” argument they leave out the most important factor to determining the success or failure of a game, the community. CoD fell apart years ago because of the growing aggression and immaturity in the community and look where it’s at now, once the most successful video game franchise of its time now suffering from dwindling sales and short-lived communities. Albeit they still sell well and that’s another problem with larger developers, they mass-produce crap that they know the fanboys will eat up and spend as much time and money marketing a game as they do producing it - Just look at Destiny - because at the end of the day the needs of the dollar outweigh the needs of the community, it doesn’t matter them if people play the game for one year or one day so long as it sells.

Gearbox isn’t there yet, and let’s hope that they don’t get there at all, the proof is in these forums and on social media. This is why I believe if we were to enter the inaccurate “Battleborn vs Overwatch” debate that Battleborn will sell better and have a larger playerbase a year from now as opposed to the first week or month of sales which says little to nothing about the quality of a game but rather the marketing.

Funny fact: Winston is meant to be played aggressively. A defensive Winston is a useless Winston.

I too had some unfortunate run ins with toxic players, both in Overwatch and off overwatch. Atleast 7 of my friends attempted to get early access to the beta since we all play Hots, and when I found out I had to preorder to play the beta which defeats the point I already lost interest.
Anyway for the people who play the closed beta , thanks to a friend letting me play over his place it is horrendous. I’ve played call of duty when it was relatively new, LoL, Diablo 3 , dota 2… so im not new to toxicity. But the game is closed beta wtf getting raged at and you are just learning players is simply ridiculous you play a character once and they expect you to optimally use them in their tank/support/carry like fashions. I will say i do like some of the character designs but that is just a personal preference. The community is too reminiscent of paragon community right now where PC players just trash console players NON-stop, they will rage u, dc on u, and curse all game.
I won’t say it is all players that are toxic with overwatch, or even blizzard. But i’ve noticed this trend with blizzard becoming too toxic personally for me including how Hots has progressed as well. As for reddit… well it s reddit, but yea I really don’t understand all the hate, Battleborn is the funnest game i’ve honestly played in a long time… and I had pretty much zero expectation for it unlike games like destiny, or the division ( yes i know different genre just mentioning.). So I wish these guys the best… but I’m sticking with battleborn all the way- Thanks again Gearbox.


I’m starting to feel like a damned GBX fanboy, but I don’t understand where the animosity is coming from. Though I’m replying to you, Zab, I don’t mean you in particular, I mean the negative comments in general. GBX is trying something they’ve never done before and I applaud them for that. Hell, the original Borderlands was new when it first came out and look at how successful it’s been. Sure BB has MoBA elements, but that doesn’t mean one can’t play both this and any of the other “true” MoBAs out there like Overwatch or LOL or whatever. If you like the game, great! Come talk with us about it. If you don’t like it and don’t have anything constructive to say, keep it to yourself and go play something you do like. Jumping on the hate bandwagon doesn’t do anybody any good except for adding noise to the conversation.


I feel that since Battleborn doesn’t seem to take itself as seriously as overwatch does (from what I’ve seen anyway), it will be a friendlier environment. Throughout the 10 days I got to try it, not only did I love it but I experienced no toxicity from players. I haven’t had this much fun with a game since borderlands 2 came out. Thing is for 4 and a half of the day’s the beta was out, I strictly only played co op story missions with public players and I had fun every single time I played a mission, even though there was only two available. The game got even better when I eventually worked up the courage to try PvP. To me the game has a great balance between PVE and PvP. PVE being something to do to take a break from PVP. Overall I love this game for what was available during the beta and I know I’ll be spending endless hours in this. I haven’t had the chance to try overwatch and compare the two but after the BB beta it’s already got my Pre-order. I can see this game lasting a very long time where as with overwatch…I’m not sure but looking at how seriously some people take it competitively…I can see a lot of players being put off. I’m not putting the game down, overwatch will probably be great, but it’s player base I’m not sure

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The only drawback I can think of is, that it does not feature a nice open world campaign.

Even though it may lack a complex skill tree and inventory like borderlands, this could have easily been compensated with a good story, innovative quests, alternating quest/story developments depending on your decisions (imagine Fallout), and lots of funny dialogs…and of course cool boss monsters.

Combined with that huge roster this would have been a great motivator.
Just 9 missions, each with roughly half an hour playtime is not the big hype.

It’s more to do with the replay value, I can understand some people might get bored quickly but I definitely didn’t, even just switching between two missions kept it interesting. Having 8/9 to switch between at full release is definitely appealing to me. with the PvP aswell, I think the story is fine the way it is set out. Just from what I’ve tried. Also take into account the additional 5 missions with DLC. A big open world campaign should be left to Borderlands. if they did that with this game, you may aswell call it Borderlands 3

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My problem with BB, second time around, wasn’t boredom as such, but almost the opposite. When I participated in the CTT, I was captivated by the PvP ‘Meltdown-Paradise’, despite what I felt to be the o.t.t. nature of several characters. This was probably my first successful foray into PvP, ie I didn’t just suck big time, & felt I could contribute to the team effort. Not sure what I was playing up to the CTT, but it would have been a SP campaign game.
Come the ‘Open Beta’, I’ve been playing Rainbow Six Siege immediately prior & quite successfully, I just couldn’t get back into BB. Basically there was just too much happenin too fast & the respawns just made it feel like a ‘rinse’n’repeat’ experience.
Interesting feedback about the various communities & their relative toxicities. I’ve no experience of OW & their players, but a key component of all PvP team games is the community. I think BB is blessed with a great community, which may well prove to be one of it’s greatest strengths.
R6 Siege has a self inflicted small community pool, with mixed players that sadly include team killers & screamers, which I don’t remember at all on BB so far. Fortunately there are enough decent players to find team mates. However, what with ‘tea bagging’ & team chat insults, I’ve learned to simply ignore the more childish aspects of the minority of bad players & never to respond to toxic comments.

Yeah… Ive been a big Siege player but there are a lot of scumbags for such a small player base. The biggest problem though for me is lack of content, few loadout options and clearly weak operators (Tachanka sucks). Then when DLC finally arrives it is two characters and one map, which seems ok but the only difference with characters is a special gadget. It really doesn’t change the game much and immediately you want another DLC.

At least with BB one new character can greatly change the game and there will probably be a lot more side content.

But like I said in my video, you could say the same exact thing for R6 no?:[quote=“Shiftiest, post:37, topic:1373035”]
Basically there was just too much happenin too fast & the respawns just made it feel like a ‘rinse’n’repeat’ experience.

Rainbow six is just ‘rince’n’repeat’ but for that it’s for two different teams. Maybe just because it’s fast, you see more for of this ‘rince’n’repeat’(when to both games, it’s more to it than that, it’s just easier to boil it down to that) that you state, is what you’re saying? Fair enough.

This game is unique and one of a kind. I bought the game already and season pass.

That being said the game in open beta had allot of issues. I can look past them though since the game is fun and unique.

As for Blizzard. Most people are aware that Blizzard no longer makes Amazing games. They are not crap games but not at the level Blizzard was back in the day.

My issues with Battleborn if anyone is curious and I love…love this game.

No 3rd person for mele.
Match making was horrible in open beta
XB1 has way better and responsive controls over PS4 no idea why.
Gear and items felt unrewarding.
First come first server for picking a character. I would like a soft lock so I can gel with my team better.