(Video)-Discussion:Top 3 Reasons People Think Battleborn is Boring(Pro Battleborn)

-1st person game(but I see your concern for some characters)
-It’s a beta, and me personally didn’t really have a problem after day 1
-Wouldn’t be able to give my opinion on it, no XB1 but there’s also people saying the complete opposite
-Gear and items are quite good actually, but they can’t be too good or the rng system would be unfair
-and ya, a draft pick would be nice

I know we’re not here to get into comparing games really, but if I understand your response correctly, then I have to disagree with you. The 2 components that make R6 special, are the teams & their tactics, plus the destructionable environment allowing for exactly the same map & scenario to produce various very different experiences. However, my main point was how, since coming from R6 , BB seemed way too busy, fast & frantic, with no major consequences other than a respawn & run, to your play style, hence my ref to ‘rinse’n’repeat’. obviously they’re entirely different games, aimed at different demographics no doubt. I just thought it might be interesting in a topic about BB being boring, to point out that I found it a tad too exiting in some respects. :slight_smile:

Thanx for the response, tho I have to disagree somewhat. Personally, I’ve found the number of ‘scumbags’ to be very small & it really mostly depends upon what time of week & day you’re playing as to who you get to play with. Sadly, cheaters/hackers is a whole other topic we won’t go into here. I’m glad you pointed up your personal disappointment with the ‘operators’ in R6 tho, as it’s not only NOT my experience, but highlights another potential weakness of BB to me. Whereas in R6, even when playing with strangers, my choice of ‘operator’ can be crucial. Think Thatcher for EMP, or Thermite for access thru reinforced walls etc. In BB tho, the characters don’t have the same cruciality to any game’s outcome it seems to me. Given that the game features a min of 25 ‘badasses’ with a team layout of 5, it’d be impossible to give any of them a ‘crucial’ role I suppose. Interesting difference in game play that I hadn’t considered before tho. :slight_smile:

Miko and Reyna. If your team has one, or both, and the enemy team doesn’t, the difference is staggering. Most noticeable when on the receiving end. Tanks as well, if you lack a tank but there’s an enemy Toby you feel the difference as you struggle to push and get passed a wall of health that is guarded and defended by its team.

I was looking forward to Battleborn since I first read about it a ago I think. I didn’t really like what I have seen during the beta but I bought the deluxe package this weekend anyway together with Doom. Now Doom has a lot of hate going on as well
but I am actually stoked for it. The gameplay seems to be really in your face like a tidal wave, really gives a physical vibe.

Borderlands had some of that too but lost quite a bit with each iteration. Maybe because Gearbox cut down on the Gore.
Krieg was IMO the most present and menacing character to play and gave me nice power trips.

Now Battleborn looks kinda nice, though the artstyle is too exagerted for my taste. Its also too clean and lacks any physicalness to it. I don’t see myself having that powertrip feeling in this game. I am not sure the humor can save it
cause the jokes so far where kinda lame and the wrong kinda stupid. Nothing like the offensive sick humor from Borderlands. TBH I am afraid Battleborn is stealing the title “My first FPS” from Halo. It feels like it has been made for

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t come here to badmouth the game. I came here looking for some guides to prepare myself for the release and spark my interest. This is just my first impression. Its also not the first time I had a strong adverse reaction to something I later on loved very much. So hopefully this game will grow on me too.

Like with any game the best way to find out is to try it, best I can say. I found it highly addictive trying to find the best gear and way to level up certain characters and got pulled in that way from the beta. Before the beta I would have probably not cared about any of these MOBA shooter games but this one showed me why there is a market. I like the characters a lot as well… the humor works, it’s just some flavor in the background to the mayhem going on.

As far as darker games I really am waiting on a new Battlefield or gritty tactical shooter, I’ve been done with COD since Ghosts. Escape from Tarkov looks interesting to me but not sure if it’ll come to consoles. Looking at getting a gaming computer in the next few months.

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Yeah, I’m with you there MXN, it does have a childlike feel to it. I’ve always been really annoyed with Phoebe, coz she’s SO like a Disney Princess. Come to think of it, Marquis isn’t far off Jiminy Cricket! It’d be interesting to get the Devs take on which demographic they’re aiming at, coz it feels way younger than BL.

So here’s the thing. This happens when marketing and journalist types can’t fit something in a box.

I loved borderlands. Loved borderlands 2 even more. I heard about Battleborn but wasn’t sure about it. Then the open beta happened.

Wow, just wow. It was beta don’t get me wrong but it was uber-fun. Addictive fun. I called family, friends, random people off of white-pages dot com. I logged 60-plus hours during the beta and all I could think was MORE PLEASE.

So, I bought the DD. OP’s arguments are based on people’s pre-concieved notions furnished by Marketing and Journalist types (remember Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Let Battleborn release. Let it breathe. They will come. They will come for the fun, they will come for the humor.


^ That.

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I just finished reading this thread and this particular post. Sorry I’m a few days behind.

I question @ZombieGuy’s experience in Overwatch. I’ve spent several months in the Overwatch closed beta and have never had anyone tell me or anyone else to “play the meta”. I’ve had people suggest that someone should change to a different hero and I have asked others to do the same. I’ve seen very little toxicity in Overwatch, honestly.

I also question about him getting kicked at the end of the match. Does Overwatch have a “vote to kick” option during a match? Not that I’m aware of. But maybe it’s because I’ve never had a reason to look for it.

Maybe I’ve just been fortunate to play with nice people.

you can google “overwatch comunity toxic”, im not the only one that makes up stuff. and you can also read battleborn’s Facebook page, i also force them to write “this game sucks”, “it will flop” , “it looks like garbage” then you look at their profiles and they are overwatch fanboys thanks to my magic powers.

but, don’t believe me, buy the game, and enjoy.

im very used to people not believing me, seeing for themselves and say “oh you were right” without the “sorry” part.

suggesting someone to play like you want doesn’t sound so different than “play the meta because i say so” and “very little toxicity” is still toxicity.


And that is exactly what I am referring to when I say Blizzard games are TOO polished and that they kill any creativity because of it.

i don’t have anything against blizzard and their games, i love them.

im against some of their fanclub that needs to bash battleborn (and other games) in order to sleep at night.


Well Phoebe has some dialog (?) that has an undertone/ meaning with it. Like she says that they are test subjects or something. In the name of science I think she does these things

Im not sure however