Video driver crash

video driver crashed and was reset anyone else getting this?
can’t play more then 5min and it crashes my drivers are up to date and it’s not overheating

What’s your video card?

rx 5700 /non xt

Have you tried uninstalling the video card driver, rebooting, and then reinstalling the driver?

not with this driver should i?

It’s probably a good start.

but it only happens when i play borderlands 3 but ill try i post results thanks…

If that doesn’t fix it then I recommend going to your …\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\ folder and either deleting or moving the Config folder to a temporary folder (It contains only the settings for the game and upon starting the game it will rebuild those missing files, and if you had any custom settings before then you will have to set them up again.)

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removing config folder helped no more crashes so far at least i don’t know what else to say but thanks!

Glad I could help.