Video Game Comebacks

What’s your most memorable comeback you’ve ever had in a video game?

The most recent memorable one I had was on Smash Bros 4. I was playing just horribly (hadn’t played in awhile and was into Melee after all…), had 187% damage, down to last stock, and still managed to pull out a win…

(Skip to just after the middle if you’re in a rush :slight_smile: )

Bloody amazing.

I remember playing Fifa years ago, when they first released the co-op teams funciton.

Went on with a friend 2 v 4.

We played as Newcastle United v. Barcelona.

Went down to 0-4 after a red in the 10th minute. Weirdest one I’d seen. 30 minutes left… we go all out attack. Get to 4-4 for the 90th. OT: We finished 7-4.

Getting a 9 with Game & Watch.