(Video) Hey there little fella, you can have that stun ball back

I didnt know if this would happen but sure enough Toby can stun himself if his mine is reflected back at him hahaha
start at :37


Yep. I did it to a Toby that tried to stun me while I was backdooring.

Curiously enough, I reflected an Ernest ult that turned all the mines green, like they were mine… However, they still exploded when I got near.

Yeah, deflected deployables are weird. If you noticed in the video, Toby’s own mine damaged itself when it was deflected.

“Little fella”? "LITTLE FELLA"?! Are you TRYING to invoke his Rath? :smirk:

I refuse to apologize for my lame joke. Also, thank you for this INCREDIBLY useful tidbit of information, as i did not know this was possible. I’ll be DAMNED if i’ll let this happen to ME now.

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Oh I’ll be sure to do my hardest to pull it off on you if I run into you.

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Oh, PLEASE bring your giant crit-box that close to my railgun; I’ll shove it SO FAR up your robotic ass!

Man… Talking trash is FUN! :slight_smile:

Wait a minute… I can’t get crits on your robotic ass…



And you thought that defective, worthless clone was bad. Just you wait fella. I’ll have your tiny kneecaps on my wall after I viciously slaughter you with your own arsenal.


Just what the heck do you think to achieve by doing that? No matter how hard you try and no matter how hard you fight, you are inevitably screwed. Destined to die screaming while I write a poem about your guts and how they were spilled all over the floor against my cold, metal, glove-like hands or at the hands of your own abilities. No inferior stun tech required. GLHF little guy.


S-Shut up! You don’t scare me! You’re… YOU’RE OBSOLETE!!

…I-I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. You okay? We’re still friends, right?

Please don’t hate me…

Me? Okay? I’m doing great! Better than ever! Big mistake fella.

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I-I, uh… I think i hear Reyna calling me.


Yeah, i got to go. Uh, g-good talk…

Waddle-runs off.

(Out of likes for 11 hours :weary:)

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I remember that painfully clear: Caldarius’ flashbang…
BTW Necessarily put this into Shenaningans thread :wink:

And this Ernest’s ult: hmm, I wonder if Benedict’s Boomsday can be deflected as well.

Oh balls.

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Another ISIC who uses The Pacifier?! Oh frabjous day! Also, I always have a fun time reflecting Reyna’s debuff back at her. She melts like hot butter. Many moons ago I saw a Battleborn Mythbusters video where Marquis’ Bindleblast got reflected back at him. It’s such a great helix.

I almost got a double kill with that :stuck_out_tongue:

It can’t unfortunately.