[Video] Lane experiments

Here’s my main question. Is it losely MOBA-inspired Homeworld game mode? Or a MOBA recreation?

For instance, can you (in a future) farm AIs for RUs?
Are you planning structures? Sentries?
Will you “respawn” if you die?

Loosely MOBA-inspired is much more likely than a recreation. My focus is on map features and NPC behavior, but I do have some ideas on how player progression might work. One idea is that instead of souping up one ship you might get to buy some expansions to your little fleet. Mabye a midpoint between the two. Player progression could be done via bounties, or dead enemies could maybe drop debris you can collect somehow. Respawning is likely.

‘Structures’ are next up after I find some bugs. The plan is for them to be ships with an order set that keeps them from moving too far from where they’re spawned.

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Got the most visible bug knocked out. Now, on to those new features.

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Now that you’ve mentioned Strike groups, Maybe I was referring to that too when I said the devs are fixing this part of the game. (@BitVenom , your presence is required here, read above…)

The ‘defensive structure’ ships seem to be working, but I don’t entirely trust them at this point. I’ll need to do more rigorous testing, but trying to bait them out of their defensive positions hasn’t worked so far, so I’m cautious optimistic. Further tests with fighters should show any issues more easily than frigates have.

I’ve got another video uploading, but this one is 15 minutes long. I kinda got into it, and combat and movement can be a more stately affair here than in a moba. My upload is narrow, so I’ll probably sleep between now and linking the video.

By conincidencw, practically the same thumbnail as before, but definitely a new vid.

The version of the code that was used here is available at https://bitbucket.org/EatThePath/hwr_battlezone


Since @Bitvenom is posting around here again, I wanted to re-highlight the issue with SobGroup_FormStrikeGroup. In HW2C it was a very effective way to keep a group of moving ships with different speeds together for scripting, and now it seems to not be doing anything.

Nice work EtP, very nice work. Can’t wait to see the finished result.

I think you mean: it seems not to be doing anything.

whoops. You are correct. Editing.