Video of completing Killing on rails lore challenge

Seeing as there are alot of threads asking about how to get this lore done I decided to put together a video of me getting it done. After I realized that you only need the second kill to get the double kill it made it extremely doable and I was able to get the lore done in about 10 minutes prior to learning about it.

Basically after any point of getting a kill just activate your core discharge, rather you feel you are near an opponent or not, if you are not, just blow up some minions, if you are, go for the kill! If you feel your life is in danger you can always just cancel the ult by hitting triangle and just try again in a minute or so. Run skill damage build if possible and go for crit hits with it. Here’s the vid.

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This definitely makes it seem a lot more do-able (I suck with Toby) from having watched the clip - thanks for posting!

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Good job shogun!

I personally got mine on Paradise by getting a kill then leaping forward through my movement speed increasing shield to find someone else (luckily it was an OM with half health), hit him with a stun mine and loaded up my ult to finish him as he ran.

If anyone is truly having a tough time still using either what shogun did or what I did, get him to lvl 10 for the slow on his ult and then it becomes much easier to secure the second kill with it no matter how you approach it.

Edit: It was also my first match with Toby and I was really anxious and you feel like a whole new person when it’s all over with haha.

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This is the only thing I have left for Toby and like other peeps here I don’t play PvP.
So, the only way to do this is PvP?

Unfortunately yes.

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…Dang it :wink:

I have 17 Characters at level 15 and their Lore almost done, so far Master of 7 Chars.

I feel your pain, man. I haven’t been able to get a single double kill with him yet either.

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