Video of me basically destroying a sentry alone in PvP

Obviously I didn’t do every bit of damage since some minions were there… but man was this awesome haha. Some wacky commentary from me in the beginning as well :stuck_out_tongue:

The sentry beat down is 30 seconds in.


I love that you taunted and instadied right at the end! If you’re going to die, at least do it taunting after taking the sentry down, amirite?? :joy:


How the hell did you even survive 2 salvos from the sentry? That things almost kills me with one salvo.

The sentry attacked the minions first and aways attack minions unless you attack a battleborn then the sentry will start to aim you.

He was just getting hit by the lightning turret most of the time. Which explains the slow tick in damage taken.

If he removed the lightning turret, he’ll most probably have 3/4 his health left assuming no one hit him.