Video of Moze regen health and nades.. not broken

Here is a video of everything working normally with Moze.

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At 2:55 shields are at half as two grenades are zapping the mailwan soldier but the shields weren’t instantly recovering like they normally would with vampyr.


He’s running blast master, his shields won’t regen with nades unless they have generator parts.

@johnirby86 thanks for posting this!


Oh I’m an idiot

Quasar Grenade Mod does not regenerate anything. It criticals like crazy and nothing.
NOt even health.
I switched to another mod and I could get some health but never grenades. Used my Flakker to recover grenades.

Moze was my favorite character and she is unplayable for me right now with the equipment I have.
SO I’ll be playing something else with the small amount of time I have when I get home from work.

EDIT: Finally some use for Some for the Road

No, she’s definitely broken. And I’ve been preferring to play with Assault Rifles Bloodletterless all this time.

The direct contrast with my recent prepatch Heavy Weapons build as well as experience in M3 with Amaras provide insight and practical demonstration

I will see if I can find some time to effortpost a bit this weekend.

I don’t see how she is broken :man_shrugging:t3:

Its mostly the bloodletter shield regen not working fast enough. Even if I switch to a surge grenade which should work as blast the enemies do more damage than I can regen. Some people are also no grenade regen at all but mine regen at a slower pace than normal

It’s an occasional bug that people have been experiencing where you suddenly don’t regen health, grenades or ammo from MoD (and I hear Forge, but haven’t tested it).

It doesn’t happen all the time. For example, I fought Tyreen on TVHM M3 today to beat the story again. First time I went in, none of my grenades were recovering from my Ogre, leading me to run out really quickly. After I reopened and restarted the game, it was fine and I could literally spam my Hex’s while firing my Ogre and keep myself topped off.

I think it’s a bug dealing with the new event combined with the change to Quasar affecting the Hex beam’s ability to regenerating grenades and health, which I feel was an intended nerf (or fix as they call it, though it wasn’t mentioned in the notes).

It’s not completely game-breaking as long as the bug doesn’t hit and she still plays fine for the most part. Doesn’t mean that having her survivability nerfed yet again without any other viable sustainability skills added isn’t frustrating.

This is laughably easy content, and you’re clearing it two or three times slower than a pre-nerf grenade build would have. I don’t know what you think this proves.

I’m deliberately using crappy modifiers, weapons and artifacts…look at the freaking artifact for christ sakes…I don’t use a nothing artifact in a real run. It was to show Moze doesn’t have to be 1 freaking build…1 freaking gun…I can do it with a green non elemental if you want :man_shrugging:t3:

Did you play her before the Update?
This is how it should look like…ignore the title.

No one cares whether Moze can limp through easy content with the worst build imaginable, they care whether she can compete with the other vault hunters in endgame content.

What I want is for you to do it in TVHM M3 Slaughter Shaft with good modifiers and all your best gear, because that’s the scenario that actually matters.

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For me it does happen all the time…skill is bugged

That’s offline play pre patch…I wish it still dropped 50 legendaries…

It still drops nearly that many legendaries online…BUT AS I SAID IGNORE THE TITLE…the build is what matters…moze constantly regens grenades

I think that’s the point; you’re trying to demonstrate that Moze is fine and that the reaction to the nerf is overblown, and that video is what your evidence is going to be compared to.

In my experience, post-nerf Moze is nowhere near as potent as pre-nerf. Her strongest build has been absolutely gutted, and posting videos of you limping through easy content in greens and blues adds absolutely nothing to the conversation.

“everything working normally” go into slaughter shaft mayhem 3 with 4 players lets see if everything is working normally :smiley:

You’re right…I used to destroy slaughter shaft with anointed engulfing ogre…now it takes twice as long and I have to run away much more. It seems Moze is better balanced on Mayhem 3 in the main game but somehow severely weaker in shaft…I’ll post a video of solo mayhem 3 slaughter shaft win…but it ain’t pretty and I went down several times for the first time since I was a much lower level with lower gear.

She’s not “better balanced,” the main game is just easy. Any character with basically any build can do fine in the main game, as your videos have shown.