Video of my experience (its not good) maybe some help?

Video Evidence of my experience.

Here is a video of my game experience. I am playing single player, with FPS at the top left, In my opinion it looks like an Xbox 360 game and notice how it goes from 60 down to 14, 17 , 30 etc, its very jarring with all the effects and makes me dizzy and slightly sick, ending with me getting a headache and having to close the game.and when I try to aim it feels like the cross hair is floating and lagging behind my movement.

This is with all the settings off or on low, I show the settings at the end.

I challenge anyone to show me smooth gameplay without jarring fps drops, of course you have to show the fps in real time, like I did, maybe if you have a £600 gpu, you won’t experience this? I don’t know, maybe its on my end but I see from a google search I am not alone.

Intel Core i5 4670k@ 4ghz
16GB Ram
2 x amd 7950
Intel 730 SSD
Only battle born steam, MSi after burner and OBS.

My experience is the same if I am recording or not, I am recording to a seperate hard disk and the game uses around 30% of my cpu.

If the video is not sufficient quality I can re up, plus if this is not enough I can link you to my live stream on steam and this happens on all levels.

EDIT: Ive just noticed that the game is using 100% of both my GPUS as soon as the game is loaded, even while sitting in the menus and all the time while its running, the GPU usage never drops on both cards below 100% while BB is running, I think this has something to do with the issues.

Maybe this is the wrong forum?

Ok, so I posted this over in the support forum now, it was a little difficult to find that section before, this forum is kinda weird. Anyway you can delete lock or keep this thread but I guess its better in the support section but no one has responded in both yet.

Does your mobo have onboard graphics? Or I guess the I5 might be handling it. I think there’sa way to prioritize which gpu to use. I say this because it seems that your using almost no VRAM. People say AMD cards aren’t optimized but what u got going on is unacceptable. I’m sorry I can provide a source or a how to but Google will get u there. :slight_smile:

Thanks man, yes its unacceptable, and Gearbox don’t even respond they are trying to brush this under the carpet.The built in Intel gpu in my i5 is disabled, you can see that I am using 2 video cards that are @ 100% usage, also the MSI afterburner only works with AMD gpu. Plus I launched the game from the AMD Crimson control panel.

They are probably all on holiday, or busy tweaking config files!

I think I had a similar issue with killing zone 2, although it’s hard to say, I can’t actually read your frame rates coz I have trouble with the colour purple. I finally sorted it by playing around with the paging file, I can’t remember what I did, but google ‘graphical stutter paging file’ and you should find plenty of info.

And, sorry in advance if this is telling you how to suck eggs.

Thanks for trying but it most certainly has nothing to do with the page file.
I have 32GB of Physical ram ( I wrote 16 before its actually 32GB).

When your system runs low on RAM because an application is taking too much memory, Windows moves the least used “pages” of memory out to a hidden file named pagefile.sys in the root of one of your drives to free up more RAM for the applications you are actually using.

Ah ok, my understanding was that even though you might have plenty of RAM the paging file was still written to at times, with my issues I wasn’t suffering from lack of memory per se. Also, I recall moving the page file to a different drive to the one that the problem application in question was installed.

Anyways, hope you get it sorted!

I found this in the logs. updated post

Ok its back it was gone for a while. had to email the mod.

Sorry i had to re add the video

I just reinstalled windows only amd driver steam and battleborn, guess what…It changed nothing.

Any better with the new AMD drivers?