Video - This is why you should fear Australians on Battleborn, and why we deserve an Oceania region server

We persevere, and we play with red bar a LOT. We love this game so we keep playing, but we can only tolerate constant lag for so long. In this video you’ll see my team winning 4v5 while three of us red bar and we deny the enemy team any kills, 30-0 team kills a man down with three red bars. This is why we deserve our own servers, when we green bar (Which is very rare) usually the enemy team is red barring and they surrender very quickly, we want a level playing field of green bar v green bar consistently so we don’t have to suffer lag or a quick enemy surrender.


I appreciate the positive spin you put on this, well played all around.

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Come on Gearbox! Give those five players their own server!

The moment an Australian player gets a game with green bars:



Mate it’s not just 5 players… There’s at least 7 players in Australia.


Great! Wait another week and you can have a party by buying a six pack!

It’s players like you that honestly do deserve better service when it comes to this game, and the players you play with particularly (I’m not sure if your party is always Aussies?)…

Y’all are super good at the game, no kidding…

But you are also welcoming too, to other players on this forum…
Such as myself, whom has been invited to matches from time to time…
Even if a player might not be as skilled (me), you still allow them to play with you, and give great direction too…

Aussies just wanna have as much worry free fun as everyone else :slight_smile:


Seriously though, there are Oceania servers… it’s just there’s no region locking on consoles to ensure we always (or even usually) play on them.

And sadly, if region locking were implemented at this stage, every night we’d be playing against the same handful of people :wink:

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Yeah I got green ping for the first time in a while playing with @Slif_One last night. I was actually missing shots for the first few minutes as I was so used to compensating for lag lol.


Yeah, I usually play/score average on the red and yellow bars. I’m not sure if I’d be better or worse on green bars though lol

DBZ gif??


Wow, VERY impressive!

I just made friends (PS4) with a very nice young man from Australia (I’m in America, in the mid south). We have only played a couple of times, and our connection isn’t usually very good - but I’m impressed we can get connected at all.

Always fun to see players from around the world get together and have fun. I hope you do get local servers, you deserve them!

Also, if anyone on your team wants to add a PS4 friend, add Dreaming_Sky. I’ll respond tonight (late).

Cheers and happy hunting!


Until the surrender comes 6 mins in because everyone else has red bars.

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There are more Aussies playing BB than most people think, when I’m in a full Aussie party occasionally we get matched against others. There are Australian servers for Melbourne and NSW, and Japan has their own servers as well. If these were merged we’d have a diverse range of opponents/teammates. There are a lot of Japanese playing, anyway I’m often matched against the same players from the US and even get randomly matched with/against players on my friend list. Player numbers are low, but with the recent worldwide sale a lot of newcomers are appearing now, given a few weeks to a month they’ll all be high level and decent players. I don’t want the new Aussie players to be deterred because of constant red bar, player numbers will never grow on this side of the world and whether we have the smallest population or largest playing BB that’s still a detriment to the game and the playerbase.

@JoeKGBX I read a while back there were talks of future Oceania region servers but haven’t heard anything since, perhaps this discussion and video can be used to persuade for the idea?

Never see people suck this bad on PC (referring to the enemy team). Wish I could play a game against characters like Thorn and Marquis that just back pedal while I’m beating the ■■■■ out of them.

I played Incursion against a rival CR100 Master of Mellka last night. Usually I’m red bar up against greens, but this time, I had the green bar and my rival had red. A real novelty.

Now, nothing gets me more excited than a bit of Mellka on Mellka action, so when I first blood KO’d her about two minutes in, I taunted. She promptly quit the match, and the rest of the match was a wipeout.

Still not sure if it was the red bar or the taunt that did it (probably both), but I felt simultaneously guilty and exasperated :wink:


Yeah it’s always exciting to see the green bars, until you realise they’re all red and one bad spot away from DC/surrender, then back to red wheeeeeeee

Australia has two servers: Victoria and New South Wales if memory serves.

Yes I do remember you saying that abd I mentioned it here, but comparitively there are a lot less Aussies than US and EU players so we almost always red bar. We get matched with Japanese a lot too but we always connect to their servers and lag, if an Oceania server opened we could match against a lot more players from Aus, NZ, Japan, and any small island nations inbetween on a level playing field.

You’re Oceania Slif? If you’re on steam/pc there’s a large group of us in a discord group, we have a couple groups going each night and often do in house matches. Although since the matchmaking changes we’ve been public queuing a lot more to pick up new players. that’s the discord link if anyone from Oceania wants to join in, it’s a pretty welcoming crew.