Videos & Details of the Laser & Missile Corvette Damage Bugs

Lances and Pulsars are not the same weapon, though they have many similarities. The main difference should be in the racial design philosophies: hyperspecialized Vaygr units vs. generalist Hiigaran ones. Pulsars are anti-corvette, but unlike the Vaygr anti-corvette missiles, they have other uses. Missile Corvettes should be, in this school of thought, absolutely murderous against other corvettes.

That’s the theory, obviously right now Pulsars are better at the anti-corvette role. Considering the HW2 results, this is not expected or desirable.

Also, as regards lances, attack style makes a big difference. Lances do hideous damage, but because they’re making attack runs against larger ships where the pulsar corvettes stay locked on and firing constantly, they aren’t so good at the anti-frigate-and-up role. They have a similar problem fighting fighters, though I’m not sure how the accuracy value between them compares.

Well the Vaygr are a bit weird because they usually have a generic multi-purpose unit in their first couple of weight classes and specialize the rest. This was probably done because Vaygr carriers were only able to commit to a single weight class at a time so they needed to be able to cover all bases in one class. Unfortunately, it seems only the Strike Craft line was every full fleshed out before release.

At least in classic it was something like this:

[quote]Vaygr: (* generic unit)
*Fighter - generic T1 unit that all RTS have. Slightly better than the Hiigaran counterpart.
Bomber- Utility ship, platform, and subsystem attacker. Medium damage to cap ships.
Lance Fighter - Shreds Corvette class ships.

*Missile Corvette - More durable generic unit. Very bland, and not used much.
Laser Corvette - High damage to capitol ships, and super damage to Frigates/Carriers.

Frigates - All garbage The *Assault Frigate was the generic one. Sigh…

Destroyer - Tanky and super damage to Frigates and carriers.

Battle Cruiser - God damage to anything it can hit.[/quote]As a result, you only ever needed to build Fighters and Lancers for Corvettes and down, and Laser Corvettes for everything else until you started popping out Destroyers and Battle Cruisers. On the plus side, this did make the the Vaygr the cool swarmy faction that used its carriers as mobile bases closer to the front lines rather than just factories. You needed them close to keep your squads repaired and in the battle.

Now if we’re talking about modifying the Missile corvette’s role then that is another story, but in classic it did feel very un-specialized and bland and was certainly not a dedicated anti-corvette unit.

Note: (I always felt that the Vaygr were complete enough for Campaign to act as the boogie men, but the game was released before they were fully thought out for multi-player.)

This is not the brightest tactic and missiles should not be dismissed as some average-at-everything boring class… This is the only counter for Vaygr to kill lasers that suppresses people from massing them or to protect your lasers from other vettes, not to mention 3 or so sneaky missiles did a good job on collectors while in busy moments.
You cannot just make lances when other side gets more interceptors.
Also, as level 2 speed lasers can outrun pulsars, missiles were better at chasing them too. If you can’t stop missile vettes your patches are dead. They also did well vs fighters too with decent chance of docking if managed properly.