[Videos & Tactics] UVHM Aurelia vs Bosses (Lvl 70 update)


  1. Prelim
  2. General tactics
  3. Videos
  1. Submissions welcome!

##1. Prelim
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###Aurelia is weak against bosses??
Ever since the Aurelia DLC, there’s been a couple of threads about Aurelia’s (dis)ability to fight bosses in UVHM solo play. I figured I could just go ahead and record some vids of how I’d approach certain bosses on a cookie cutter sniper/cryo build.

###No l33th4x -=sp33dk1llz=-
This is NOT going to be some game breaking leethax speed kill guide. The goal is to help the regular player who’re struggling at certain stages in their playthrough.
All shown tactics work from a cold start - thus no pre-stacking skills, no glitching, no exploits, no illegit gear.
I don’t judge people who use these methods for farming though!

Furthermore, this should ideally not be just me telling people how to do the bosses, but rather the community compiling their ideas and tactics with different builds.
Feel free to record your most preferred tactics to those bosses and post them here, or post about clever tactics you’ve found!

##2. General tactics
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###Plan A: Aim for the head!
Most bosses have crit spots. Aurelia gets crit boosts, and her main weaponry comes with crit bonus. Element matching adds further damage. Trivial, right?
Recommended gear: Fast snipers like the Droog or the Pitchfork work well on these. Large crit spots are also very susceptible to the Skullmasher. I like using Duality Oz kits with Sniper damage / recoil reduction and sniper oriented COMs (Celestial Baroness, Big Game Hunter, Sports Hunter).

###Have a plan B for CQC
Some bosses like closing in on us, make it hard to snipe. Have something ready to react to that.
Recommended gear: Fast shotguns such as the Bullpup or the Company Man (Thinking shotguns for those without access to loyalty guns).

###Have a plan C for… those ■■■■■■ up boss fights
Not every boss can be sniped though, some don’t expose their crit spot very often (EOS), others don’t even have one (first stage of the Sentinel, first stage of Red and Belly).
Recommended gear: I personally like to resort to Launchers (I prefer the Badaboom) and Maliwan Lasers (my recommendation: Dichotomized Splitters). Good COMs would be the Lady for its gun damage and fire rate boosts, the High definition for gun and crit damage and the Chronicler of Elpis or Queen for cryo damage.

###Kiting is a glass cannon’s best friend
The Baroness can not unlike some other classes facetank bosses at all. Not even normal mobs most of the time. Thus, it’s wise to be on the move, use cover, and only go for safe hits. Most bosses have devastating attacks that will instantly down her when not dodged early enough. While Aurelia’s damage output is quite good, her defense is not, so some backup gear for increased defense might be good to have.
Recommended gear: Transfusion grenades, higher capacity shields (Adaptive, Naught, Turtle), defensive COMs (Eridian Vanquisher) and oz kits (3DD1.e).

##3. Videos
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@Ha_Na Lvl 70


@Ha_Na Lvl 70


@Ha_Na Lvl 70
In their first stage, they reflect bullets, so the droog is a very bad idea here


@Ha_Na Lvl 70


@Ha_Na Lvl 70
his critspot is his tiny head.


@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Pitchfork is the fastest option for her big crit spot. Just make sure to get close to felicity at the beginning, else she’ll follow you real close, instead of standing at her initial spot and doing lasers. I like to add cryo to every other shot to get the +200% crit bonus going.

Lazlo, Cl4p-L3k, Egghood

@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Lazlo moves around way too much and has a very tiny crit spot, which makes sniping hard.


@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Pound the crit spot, similar to the bosun. Also, this is video proof she drop’s the Death Mask head for Aurelia.


@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Go for the engines, and lead a little


@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Cryo pitchfork or droog. Maybe omni cannon, needs testing

(Normal) Sentinel

@Ha_Na Lvl 70
I had to resort to the lame combo of sham, logan’s gun and badaboom for this fight, sniping only made sense for the 1st and last part of the second stage

Invincible Sentinel

@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Even more sham-booming. I should have used a shock laser or shotgun for the big phase to conserve sniper ammo. There’s got to be a better way to do this.

##Ear worm
@Ha_Na Lvl 70
The key here is to use the shard / frostbite when it’s about to dive underground to recharge shields. Frostbite will prevent that.

##Denial subroutine
@Ha_Na Lvl 70

@Ha_Na Lvl 70
Keep track on him with DoTs and the shard, pound crit spots. Same old, really.

##Eclipse / EOS
@Ha_Na Lvl 70
During the Robot form, we can snipe his crit spot. During his flying form, he’ll only rarely reveal his crit spot for a very short time, so we resort to the badaboom and a corrosive Maliwan Splitter (or shotguns) for the time being.
Just ignore the trash mobs during EOS’ shield recharge phases.

##4. Submission welcome!
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As said before, please do post your fight videos here, and discuss setups, gear and tactics! Thanks for your attention.


10/10, dang fine work!

For Iwajira, a Ravager to the mouth will kill faster than a Droog given her crit bonuses and explosive bonus with cryo. I throw shard to apply cryo then shoot when mouth opens. You could softer Iwa up with Droog at range then coup de grace with Ravager if you wanted to.

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The IVF should do a good job on Iwajira. Freeze him and chuck him to death! I have to say, i didn’t fight Iwajira on UVHM yet, so i could be wrong. And a Pitchfork should do massive amounts of damage on Iwajira and the big Sentinel. Coupled with an ammo-regen-Moxxtail, it should destroy everything!

Thanks for this… It took some time and effort to help your fellow players, nice work!

Good to hear that the vids are helpful.
Good point about the ravager vs iwajira, I have to try this some time. [edit] tried it, sadly it’s not faster, and alot more risky since you need to get close. But if you can record an Iwajira fight with your ravager, please go ahead, I’m really curious to see.

As for the ivf, as soon as you spec into large caliber, it will gimp your mag size big time and stifle your damage with reload throws to an unusable degree.

I finally beat the raid boss in solo for the very first time. I had so much trouble with the second stage, because there’s just so much damage raining on me (electrified floor, 10 flying foes, the sentinel himself) that I can barely keep myself alive let alone dish out damage to the boss. The first stage works okay with alot of sham-booming. Hoping for some input here!

Excellent work on the Raid version of the Sentinel - congratulations.

btw - if you get a clever badaboom with a tediore sight, you can get the reload down to 4.7 sec.

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Hm, I don’t think the sight does anything. If at all, the grip and exhaust of a launcher can grant different bonuses, and the reload bonus comes from a tediore grip.

But since I had specced into large caliber, I’d ended up with an even smaller mag size - I think the scav grip and exhaust are a fair trade off for the biggest possible mag size to counter the Large Caliber penalty. Anyways, on builds without LC, I’d fully agree with going with fully tediore parts.

My clever badaboom with bandit parts and tediore sight gives 4.7 sec reload :wink:
(mag size is 10)

Vladof - Fire Rate
Tediore - Reload Speed
Maliwan - Rocket Speed

The rest are merely accuracy-related bonuses.

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Aah right, I remembered the launcher parts wrong. Thanks for reminding me!

Lauchers are cool.

I like that all the parts (can) actually do something meaningful.

I’m in UVHM, story quest Home sweet Home. So far, i didn’t have any big problems with bosses. In fact, Deadlift was the only boss that killed me and only once. Felicity was easy as hell and the bosun is all about pushing through enough damage to kill him before he can kill me.
But i know the hardest fights (Zarp and RK5) have yet to come.
For those who care: i play a sniper-cryo-hybrid with the Chronicler-com, 9/5 in Large Caliber, no QnQ or Whiteout.
My tip for Felicity: use Leech-grenades, the cryo-variant is optimal, cause the lifesteal of Frigid Touch matters more than the raw damage. And make use of Long Range Killer!

Feel free to find some inspiration from the vids, I’ve added Zarpedon now, thus the OP should currently cover all problematic boss fights for Aurelia so far.

nice vids
but i agree there must be another way to do this then
using launchers did bl1 bl2 op8 any character but never needed to
use launchers (i dont like them, mostly kill myself with it)
but the little sentinel has no crit i think (could not find any)
I keep on trying to find a good weapon and shield for it
thanks, tot ziens

As for the Sentinel/Raid boss small form, there’s a couple of things that are generally safe to use for all classes:

  • IVF reloads - not very usable for Aurelia with the Mag size penalty from Large Caliber, and we don’t get any mag size boost from anything.
  • Grenades such as the Storm Front and the Quasar. Semi-useful, since we get plenty of grenade ammo at this encounter. But I still prefer to have a Transfusion grenade such as the Electric Leech, which does help immensely with healing, but does next to zero damage on the Sentinel
  • Beam Lasers such as the Vibrapulse, Rosie, Spadroon or any other purple Maliwan Beam. These work okay on Nisha or Wilhelm, but are grossly underpowered with Aurelia.
  • Flakker - works okay on Claptrap, but not so great on Aurelia.
  • Launchers - that’s the least inconvenient approach I’ve found so far.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff, using the Hail, Shredifier, Torrent, T4s-R, … most lead into a frustating death.

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Fighting first form Sentinel as Aurelia is honestly just painful.

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So, i finally completed the game with Aurelia and i can say: f***! All bosses til the home sweet home-quest are easy. Deadlift can be kind of a pain, but not too bad. zarp was some kind of manhunt back and forth, but in the end, a good shock sniper and my ol’ but gold Leech got the job done. I farmed moonstone-chests for Rk5 to get corrosive weaponry. A purple corrosive Anarchist did MASSIVE amounts of damage. Rk5 got me once, but got shred away in the end. It was still a tiring fight!!!
The sentinel was easy, but i had to use shambooming to get the little form. The second stage was easyly done by Pitchforks in shock and fire (face to face, a Pitchfork stacks up I never miss like crazy! ) the shock-phase was fodder for the badaboom.
The Raid was tiring and got me killed twice, but its basically the same as the normal sentinel. But: the shock-Phase of his second form takes a while and can kill you in seconds. For the raid i strongly recommend the usage of immunity-granting shields for all elements!

Guess I’ll have to redo all the vids with the Cap raise. Maybe also post 2 builds per boss fight for some diversity

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Lvl 70 Eclipse/EOS fight with my sniper spec Aurelia added. Cold start, no stacking anything. It’s not too bad, if I play like a sissy and hide alot. It’s still faster than the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ jesus ■■■■■■■ christ ■■■■■■■■ hard Sentinel.

Next I’m gonna figure out the Denial Subroutine and the earworm. I’m thinking shock and cryo pitchforks.

Maybe difficulty 9 shadowtrap, but I’m pretty sure noone wants to spend that long watching me nibble away at his shield/health.

I assume the 3 Doggies in subconcious (sponx, despair and self-loathing) don’t need a video guide.

And after that, I’m maaaybe updating some of the main game vids with lvl 70 ones. But just maybe.