Vigiliance link

is garbage now, sold. good game gearbox.

Do you think it was balanced before? What would you of done? Its pretty much comparable to other legendary armor now. You dont get as much maximum HP but healing received is very useful on a tank and the HP you do get is instant, its not earned or reset on death like others. So yeah, its still great.


it is by far too exorbitant for what you get, I would rather use a rare vest for more HP. Healing received is garbage unless you got a Miko constantly on your six. plenty of better options out there. all they needed to change was putting a limit on the stacking. I never ran into another player running the vigilance link while I was. HP and regen were the reasons why I farmed for the gear piece. At least I had a good few days of being able to run it while it was good.

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Honestly any piece with regen as a secondary is really strong in my opinion. If I had even 1 regen I would love it as it allows me to shard farming while recovering health. That’s why the Vidanium Root Tea makes me sad now.

Oh i see. What ‘you’ get. So you dont care at all what your TEAM gets, maybe you’re missing the point of the item. If they did that change then it would just be flat out better than the other legendary armors.

I would call out when I activate the old vigilance link “everyone has an extra 210 health now”. 100 or so health now is not even worth mentioning let alone using. it is better for the team to all use different gear now.

its 150. Of course its better to all use different gear, it doesnt stack anymore because that was ludicrous. Its a solid legendary chest piece when compared to the others, it gives YOU personally less health, albeit instantly, and gives everyone else a boost. Its the perfect trade off.


I tend to agree with @dwarfurious, but that’s just me. To each their own. If OP doesn’t care for Vigilance Link anymore, then so be it. There are better pieces out there for one’s individual character, to be sure. And for solo PvE, VL was never a particularly good choice.

Different strokes and all that.

Agreed. This legendary (like many others this update) are basically insta-trash now

I used to use it in my builds for PVE and it was especially great on Boldur who could benefit from both the regen and huge +HP in relation to his level 10 helix option. Now trash

Same thing for Vynn Quiver and the other (+Slow on hit) legendary. It was unique. AS IT SHOULD BE SINCE IT WAS A FRIGGIN LEGENDARY. Now insta-trash

I feel Gearbox really hates legendaries and people using them. Stacking was NEVER an issue unless it was a pre-made formed group which was fine because THEY WERE USING TEAM TACTICS IN A TEAM GAME. I personally (like the anon above) never saw any randoms using it the same time I was using it

All the legendary gear worth using have been “fixed” into useless-ness. Kinda makes me resent even playing the game these 2 past weeks. Farmed for a whole bunch of legendary gear and was super excited (i.e. put in MANY hours) and was smiling from ear to ear. Then after the update I was sick to my stomach with how much all my gear changed. If I knew before-hand what the new legendaries were going to be I would have done something else with my time. Lootpocalypse was a joke with this stunt


Healing received increases life steal for heroes like rath? Or wellspring with alani? Or heal shield with Toby? If not, then ■■■■!! ■■■■!!! My loadouts suck…

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Rath? No
Alani? Yes since it is a heal
Toby? Don’t quote me but I do not believe so

Ambra? Yes
Miko? Yes

Attkus? No
Galilea? No

so to increase rath’s lifesteal, attack dmg gear is better? And attikus skill dmg gear?

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Gear shouldn’t be a dominating factor in PvP. Deciding factor - yes, toe to toe even steven, but not a dominating factor.
A team getting 4-5 vigilance links up and running was outrageous.


Actually, it wasn’t unique, and you know it (as you mentioned the “other (+Slow on hit) legendary.”

The new Vyn’s Quiver is actually a pretty dang awesome regen item for someone like Oscar Mike or Marquis now though … and it means I get to increase my survivability on those two. It’s nearly 8 regen at the start of combat (until my first reload) and after combat (reload, fire a shot, then reload,) with 4-6 regen during combat depending on what’s left when I reload and switch targets (or reload when they duck behind cover.) Outside of combat, it’s actually more regen than a regen item, and the small reduction during combat is more than offset by the reload speed.

I can talk quite a bit about which altered legendaries I like more than their old versions, and which I like less, but what’s important here is that these changes don’t make legendaries trash … they make them different, and all that means is you have to figure out how to make use of the new versions best.


Exactly. Shoot more legendaries are usable now than before the patch. All the legendaries that got buffed on their proc chance are so much better now. I would still use vigilance link, because across 5 players that +150 health adds up to more than 600 total health across your team. Shoot thats like adding another player to your team health wise. A couple legendaries get brought down because they were OP, more legendaries were brought up to par. I know it is easier to gripe about something you don’t like than praise what you do, but shoot I’m happy I have a wider selection of usable gear.


It doesnt stack anymore, because that was the most broken part about it! The whole point of the vigilance link is YOU end up getting less hp (compared to other armors) but your team gets a boost. As it should be. Anything who thinks its trash is a baddie, people are just chasing broken legendaries, no different than those that whined about gali nerfs. When everyone lusts for the same legendaries its probably a hint that they’re too good.


I know it doesn’t stack, I was saying that once you activate it everyone on your team gets a total of 600 or more health (150+150+150+150=600) plus the health it gives you just for activating.

oh okay that makes sense. Its still pretty comparable to other legendary armors, they give double HP with conditions and you lose them on death, vigilance link gives slightly less hp but no strings attached. Healing Received makes it more suited for a Tank like Montana or Kelvin.

Oh yea, Vigilance Link is still viable for some characters which is good. It shouldn’t have been how it was at the beginning to start with though, because it greatly outclassed any other Item in the game.

I think it would be worth considering if the bonus effect were equivalent to a primary stat instead of a secondary. As it is, I don’t think it’s worth 1800 shards.

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