Vikings. (The show, not the people or the team)

Whose been following the fate of house Af Munso? A.K.A. The Lodbroks in History Channel’s historical fiction “Vikings”?

Grab a pint and get in here. This thread belongs to the Old Gods.


Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is reason enough to follow that show!

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I like it. Looking forward to the new episodes.

It’s superb. Proper dirty. Loving the accuracy, loving the historical details. The characters are brilliant. It’s all good.

Apart from the occasional jubbly armour.

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I honestly don’t think they could have picked a better actress.

Best Skjaldmaer ever.

Glad you kept the same profile pic mate! I would’ve never known it was you otherwise. You should have sent me a PM so I would’ve known!

Three more days mate. Mark it on that calendar.

Isn’t it? That fight between Ragnar and Lagertha may have been the best 30 seconds of TV history.

Apart from timeline inconsistencies like the relation between Hrolfr (Rollo) and Ragnar, and the relative age of Aella and Eckbert, the show tries to stay as true as possible to the legendarium of the sagas while still working to compress them.

I can’t explain how clever I found the part where Ragnar “explains how he won Lagertha’s hand” to Bjorn. Almost attributing the fantastical nature of it to nothing more than a fathers tale to his son, despite the fact that is how it is depicted in the legends!

wish it was done by HBO or Showtime then she would be nude every other show… other then that it’s been great

Its a decent show but I crinch everytime they murder the names, its a blessing ween the planets line up and they say a name right.

Thats kinda creepy dude…

Thats kinda Suitable though.

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You missed the opertunity to say…
Its kinda suitable for Suitable though.

The way I said it works too. It’s punny. :smile_cat:

So your teeth would grind to the gums every time you saw Thorunns name spelled Porunn?


You know, I was genuinely getting moderately annoyed with how often the plot line of Black Sails wouldn’t progress because of some 20 minute long shag session. I’m moderately glad that one of them didn’t take on the rights to the show because I don’t know how many hours of Jarl Borg’s junk on screen I could bother watching before I become marginally uninterested in the show.

That being said, at least they didn’t scale down the violence.

@SuitableTrain8 makes a good point though. Any guy with a pulse wouldn’t mind a little more Lagertha on screen.

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I watched like half of season 1 and 2, I have no idea who that is.
I dont really remember any of the character as I last watched it like half a year ago.

You have Hulu+ mate?


All of Season 2 is online currently. Provided free by the History channel.

Nope, I cant use any move streaming services as I have limited net use each monthy and it would drain it.

I love the show. Can’t wait for Thor’s Day.

Do you refer to a special episode called that or Thursday?

Thursday, the 19th.

Oki, Im guessing new episode aired that day?

Fun fact Thursday in swedish is Torsdag which translated means Thors day which I guess you allready knew do to the replay.
Quite a few of the days in swedish still have the same name as they had during viking days.

Tuesday - Tyr’s day.

Wednesday - Woten or Wodanaz (proto-germanic name for Odin).

Thursday - Thor’s day.

Friday - Freyja and Frigg (the debate rages on), although they probably both stem from the same Goddess.

Only one we have after a Roman figure is Saturday. Ironic, considering Saturn was a Titan, and not a God.

In Italian, they’re heavily influenced by the Hellenic gods (I.E. Martedi, Mercoledi.)