Vindicator Ghast Call + Mind Sweeper is Surprising Good (Moze Build)

Heya Buddies, Since I saw a ton of Fl4k Mains having fun with the spooky grenade that just returned I decided to play around w/ Moze and her Mind Sweeper class mod with the Vindicator Ghast Call and its surprising good.

I’m using a similar build as this one. 432% Urad Unforgiven, Corrosive Old God, & Elemental Projector Deathless. The only difference is the addition of Mind Sweeper for Micro Grenade damage. Ghast Call can crit with Moze’s Ability Pull the Holy Pin for an extra 2x damage and it can naturally crit as well so having a 432% unforgiven increases the damage we deal by a crap load & don’t even get me started when the mine sweeper Procs twice in a row. we further boost our damage by using a Sell Out which can easily apply a incendiary dot and Corrosive dot by just shooting yourself once which procs our elemental projector for extra damage. Cool thing about Moze is that she has Fire in The Skag Den, Which applies incendiary damage to all our splash damage so one corrosive shot with the Sell Out applies both fire & Corrosive dots on us at the same time. This allows us to boost our Vindicator Ghast Call base damage and Increase our Fire in The Skag Den Damage at the same time which is why we were able to destroy those bosses so quickly.

Click Here for Build Showcase:

With all of that combined you are getting: Fire in The Skag Den + Urad Damage + Elemental Projector Damage + Crit Damage * Crit Multiplayer and occasional Micro Grenade Damage from Mind Sweeper. All that together you are able to defeat any enemy that comes your way.

Since Vindicator Ghast Call has weird habit of randomly spawning a ton of skulls this allows us to proc our Mind Sweeper an incredible amount of times (each dealing millions of damage) & also supply us with an infinite amount of grenades with the Means of Destruction Ability Moze has. I never ran out of grenades while testing this build which is awesome because that just means we can throw tons of grenades without worrying. This Build allows us to deal fire, corrosive & radiation all at the same time which is awesome because we never have to worry about a certain enemy resisting a particular element so we can just go brain dead and keep throwing our Ghast Call no matter what spawns.

Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:


Sounds like a fun build. I’m not used to using grenades as a primary source of damage but it sounds like it could be ruthless with the build. VGC grenade is pretty powerful on its own but with fire and rad, I can imagine how it would just melt everything, especially with an elemental projector …

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I believe the ghast call will spawn more skulls if you have any terror applied. The more terror the more skulls that spawn.


Yes that is true at max terror skulls spawn 2 x more. Someone else pointed that out to me after the video and this post was posted. Thank you for pointing that out though it’s important for people to know that effect haha

Not sure if you tried it but an Eruption would be far more consistent than Unforgiven here. It’ll also directly affect all nade damage and Mind Sweeper will double dip its debuff. Vs unforgiven which is rng on crits with ghast call and can at best affect a Mind Sweeper chain once.

The debuff projectiles also trigger Short Fuse and help with triggering Means of Destruction.

Has anyone tried the newly buffed Hex with the MS?

So are you saying that the Zheitsev’s Eruption affects all type of splash damage when being held. Like all grenades would create a debuff? I see your point on it being more consistent but I just love the concept of just throwing grenades to kill so that’s why i like the unforgiven so much for this. I once did A challenge run where I only use grenades to beat the game so it feels cool to be able to do only grenades at max level and difficulty for me.

I have not I’m sorry. I would love to try it out soon so when I do I’ll keep you in mind

The Eruption debuff affects all damage dealt to a target and stacks upto 160%. Something like Mind Sweeper is affected twice as you get the debuff on the initial crit which is then a factor in the micro grenade that drops which also receives the debuff bonus. So you get an effective 2.6x2.6 damage multiplier on your mind sweeper grenade when facing a target that was affected by 8 eruption debuff projectiles.

Here’s what it looks like in practice

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Ooooooo I get what your saying now. Yeah that is cool. If I ever want to shoot with this build I’m going to use that. Thank you

You’re not shooting with this concept. The Eruption is continuously in the reload animation canceled by throwing another grenade every time the reload begins it spits out the debuff rockets. You would still be playing the same way just spamming the grenade throw.

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Yeah that’s true That’s a fun way to apply bonus damage without technically shooting thanks for pointing that out. I still love the bonus crit damage from unforgiven so that’s still my main but the eruption would be a great side