Vindicator Ghast Call + Peregrine = YES! Fl4k Build

Heya Buddies, Since Bloody Harvest Returns just came out I was playing around w/ Fl4k and his Peregrine class mod with the Vindicator Ghast Call and hot damn is it powerful.

The Build I’m using is a Crit Fl4k Build that uses the Unforgiven Legendary to boost crits. Ghast Call can crit with Fl4k’s Ability Megavore so having a 432% unforgiven really boost the damage you deal. Personally I’m using a Unforgiven with the Urad Annointment and running a Elemental Projector Deathless. I run a Elemental Projector Deathless to trigger the Urad and to have a on demand damage increase with a nasty combo I thought of using the Sellout. The Sellout as most people know is great for lighting yourself on fire but it also has the corrosive element so you can easily apply a Corrosive dot on yourself to boost your ghast call damage by a Sh*t-Ton. That is how I was able to destroy Graveward so fast.

Click Here for Build Showcase:

With all of that combined you are getting:
Urad Damage + Elemental Projector Damage + Crit Damage * Crit Multiplayer and that pretty much just molly mops any enemy. You can also add the extra elemental damage you get from the scorcher Spiderant.

Ghast Call has a weird tenacity to just randomly spawn a ton of skulls when being throw with and without Peregrine. I’ve was watching closely each time I threw it and it seems to spawn a ridiculous amount of times with enemies that have large health pools such as bosses and badasses. It also helps if the enemy is on the ground because when using this build against flying enemies they seem to not trigger the ghast call the same or something because only a few skulls will spawn. Quick tip for anyone who wants to deal the most amount of damage with the peregrine grenades; If you use Flock & Load it will spawn additional Rakks and the amount of Rakks on screen will cause the grenade thrown to deal more damage. The Amount of Rakks on screen is used in the damage calculation to determine how much Damage it deals. Also with the Lightspeed grenade it will spawn 4 grenades if you use Flock & Load. If you don’t use Flock & Load it will only spawn 2 grenades so the rakks on screen also affects grenade behavior with certain grenades.

Its Crazy Op and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Look above for this Flak build Save File. Alrighty thats all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:



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Thought that I saw crits on the gc. So one more 432terrorcrit and I’m set. :crazy_face: too bad I can’t have grenade on asa.


The way that the Ghast call seems to keep spawning reminds me of the way the Porcelain Pipe Bomb was working in the early days of the game. @kennethharbester You alluded to this interaction in your post, but do you (or does anyone else) have any speculation on what interaction with the Peregrine causes so many Ghast Calls to spawn? Is each Rakk spawning a grenade? I know it is not supposed to, but is that the issue here?

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You could try an ASS Revengenader shield for another free grenade every 10(?) seconds for maximum screen pollution. This might get dicey with Deathless/URad though.

I’ll give it a shot.

I don’t know 100% but I know that the amount of rakks on the screen adds a damage multiplier for the grenade that comes out. It’s possible that it Spawns multiple grenades because with the lightspeed grenade it Spawns multiple grenades depending on how many rakks you have out. It’s possible that IT Spawns in four times but I haven’t got a good chance to test that. Also it is not easy to see multiple ghast calls being dropped at once since they explode right away. It was easy to see how the lightspeed grenade interacted because you can clearly see it ricocheting off the target four times with clear lines.

Sorry I wish I had a better answer but it’s too hard to see even with photo mode. I had a friend that speculated that all grenades spawn multiple times with the peregrine since the damage would be a lot more than a regular grenade throw. I debunked this tho with a lot of grenades but certain grenades explode instantly so it’s impossible to test with everything.

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I hope you enjoy it @Tank_Tsunami

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@kennethharbester I have not messed around with the Peregrine personally, but it is easy to see the potential, especially with Unforgiven crit-swapping being a thing. From the release of DLC4 when people started posting videos and descriptions of Peregrine builds with various different grenades, I have had a suspicion that the COM seems to be applying a different special effect than what is stated - namely, that for certain grenades, the way the COM interacts with the grenade mod appears to be creating more grenades than the COM would suggest.

My reading of the description of the special effect on the COM is that the grenades should drop more or less about once per Rakk cast (I know it does not say that, but “this effect has a short cooldown” certainly seems to imply it). Obviously in some cases, there does not appear to be any cooldown at all or, if there is a cooldown, the conditions for cooldown can be met by multiple different conditions other than Rakk casting. I say “obviously” because if you have run this build or looked at videos of people running it, you can see that cooldown of the COM’s special ability appears to operate in some cases as one might expect, but in other cases, it appears to spawn more or less infinite skulls from the Ghast Call or child grenades from whatever other grenade mod is being used.

I was just trying to nail down if there is any rhyme or reason to how the Peregrine actually works?

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@tysonyar it really is tricky to nail down I agree. If only there was a way to 100% debunk how peregrine functions. Possibly we will get an item in the future that allows us to 100% tested. Or perhaps even A mode with in photo mode to show additional properties but for now we can only speculate.

GC seems to bug when an enemy keeps on the field after dying like anointed or bosses with long buggy death animation that sometimes keep the sprite displayed indifinitely

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