Vindicator ghast call

I have a couple of vindicator ghast call grenades shoot me a message with what u wanna trade lf moze gear and zane cryo gear on xbox gtag same as this.

what specifically are you looking for?

Cryo zane gear… anoited devils foursoms that are elemental ogar anoited.dasior anoited… prefer 100 or 125 on skill end

@Aldwinn88 I have anointed Zane Cryo gear but I wont be home from work for 5 hours. Are you still looking to trade?

yeah, always looking for good stuff, right now i know i am looking for a cryo laser sploder. also any good cryo guns/gear.I think i almost have him decently geared to try and see what i can get done with him.

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I’ve got an annointed Lucians call cryo with an extra projectile shot chance when terrified if you’re interested. Otherwise let me know if you need something specific. This was from a previous post. Still interested? Gt ShadedxDreamz

I’ve also got an Ordered Zippy Cold Warrior legendary class mod for Zane. +10% Dahl weapon damage. +31% assault rifle damagex +15% Dahl weapon fire rate

that sounds nice, ill trade ya.

Ready when you are. Class mod or gun or both?

Do you invite me or add me as friend or? Just wondering

@Aldwinn88 I’ll shoot you an invite when I get home GT: Voluptuous J

I have a cryo faisor with 25% crit damage on ase.

Hey boss are you online? Do you have the Recurring Cryo Hex yet? I think I have an anointed one @Aldwinn88

Ya i got a +1onas

@Aldwinn88 Last night I joined his game, and traded him a few good pieces of Cryo Zane gear. He gave me a grenade mod that didn’t have a gearscore and appeared as a ghost icon in my inventory. That should’ve been the red flag, but when I put it in my bank the grenade mod disappeared from my inventory and the game. That’s my experience. Don’t get tricked