Violent momentum cap?

I heard some people say online that Violent Momentum actually caps at 4 points, is that true?

Also, even if it goes to 5 can it go higher than that with speed increasing mods or would that 20% be it?

Who said it caps at 4? I’ve tested it with 5 point and 20% at walking speed is accurate.

Unsure exactly what the second question is asking but it does increase with movement speed, just like the description says. As far as I have tested Violent Momentum works as expected.

If you have a link to someone providing evidence it doesn’t work I’d like to see it.

I meant that since there are a lot of skills that boost speed for Zane does he get even more damage when those skills are active or is it set at 20%?


Effective bonus at full walking speed = (Violent Momentum) * (1+(Violent Speed) * (1+Death Follows Close) * (1+Death Follows Close)+(Other Move Speed Buffs))

Edit: I think this formula is incomplete, I’m testing SSM right now and it’s not behaving as expected

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You can easily get triple damage. This was terrible testing I did.