Violent Tapestry Proc % (additive or multiplicative)?

Just wondering if at max rush stacks the % chance is a flat additive to whatever can proc status effects aka 30% or “increases” any already existing proc chance aka (x chance * 100% + 30%) ?

So did anyone test this with a low % weapon and maybe avatar, which should give +60% if its additive?

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8 points of effort one has to put into it to make it a 78% chance (rush stack effectiveness), i had also hoped it would only leave the weapon itself to have 22% to be at a 100%, but as we still for whatever reason dont have test dummies and instead a lame ass men in black shooting gallery, my thoughts has come down to this. Been playing with Avatar for quiet some time and it is multiplicative, meaning a low base is garbage in all possible outcome. But it doesnt matter because dots cant stack anyways. If it was base and no dot limit, a good SMG would still only produce around 60 dots after 6 seconds of fireing.
Even if it wasnt so badly designed, the dmg would go to around 80k dps.
Alas dots are once again the worst thing you can use. And before anyone says otherwise with the right mayhem mods yadayadayada, its laughable output even in those conditions compared to flat dmg.

Ah oki so guess i have to test this myself.
I know about the Status problems, but decided for a elemental build anyway, for now.

ok did a test with a 7% chance weapon and than taking avatar, which if additive would bring the chance to 67% with full stacks. In my tests with 20 stacks i got 3-7 procs out of 22 shots.

So yeah the chance “seems” multiplicative, so a decent 30% chance weapon will get 9%/18% more chance, this makes the skill rather pointless. If you have a weapon with 30% chance making it 39/48% makes hardly any difference, since Dot’s don’t stack. While on low chance weapon it makes nearly no difference.

PS: I also tested infusion and proc chance seems to only depend on the weapon base % chance. So even at 8 infusion the 7% weapon would still proc very rarely. So i guess i have 5 more points to spend elsewhere…

If you are using DoT’s with the expectation that you will put out as much dps as pure gunning damage, you are using them wrong.

The whole point is to be able to continue to do damage while you, yourself are out of harms way.

Before launch I had planned for an elemental dot Siren primarily because Wildfire and Conflux looked like so damn much fun, but unfortunately, Conflux proved to be one of the most useless high-tier skills, and Wildfire’s chance and actual damage is so terrible it’s simply not worth using. This really sucks.

Even if they combined Wildfire and Conflux into one skill, it would barely be worth getting. I think they should combine the two skills into Wildfire’s position in the skill tree, and then change Conflux into a 3-point skill that allows an extra dot to stack for each point spent. This would make a world of a difference and would actually make dots useful, in addition to signifying the Siren’s unique potential for elemental damage, which right now is nothing special compared to other classes.

In another note, I had also planned to mainly use Maliwan weapons, but most of those suck too. Lower damage, charge up times and usually slow projectiles that are harder to aim. Not many of them are worth using.

So if i put a lot of effort into dots, and its still the worst, im using it wrong? The whole point of investing SKILL POINTS and gear into it is to make it a dmg source on its own, that over time will perform like regular fireing dmg and even a little better unless that normal fireing is pure crits.
Why else have Anima, Violent Tapestry and Conflux if not for the sake of having multiple ways for her to make dots work on a high-tier level?

Youre right, i didnt expect dots to be bad in the 3rd game after 7 years of them looking around at other games and their own and not trying to broaden characters strenghts? I had hoped for more in the direction of BL1 regarding dots, then again i was also hoping for most if not all the skills to work as intended.