VIP activities not giving points

I am not able to get “credit” for watching videos on youtube. I’ve tried in safari and chrome on MacOS. I get credit for all the other non-video things but can’t seem to get credit on any video. Any ideas?


Did you watch the video till very end?

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Multiple times on multiple browsers.

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I’m the same. I just pre ordered the game and I can’t even work out how to complete the survey. Linked twitter and Steam. Nothing is happening…

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I’m also having this issue. Is there any solution?

A heads up for German and probably other non-english users: Had the problem as well that watching some videos wouldn’t give points: This might, at least partially, be due to some videos being cut short in some languages (the end screen is missing or cut short). The new video about Zane is almost 20 seconds shorter in German and didn’t give out points for me until I watched the English version. So try that!

same issue with 7 of the videos and I watched to the end multiple times on 2 computers with 3 different browsers.