VIP Activities through digital pre-order

I have pre-ordered the super deluxe edition through the xbox store. Will I still be able to claim the pre-order rewards that involves filling out the survey before the game launch?


Yea i was wondering the same. it says let gearbox know which system we pre ordered from but how do we do that? If i preorder off PSN and my account is linked to the shift/VIP website does it just work? does the survey just come to me? its not very clear.

It says on that page that if you link your shift account and play the game in the first 14 days you’ll get your swag.


Not 100% sure it will, but this might help with some of the concerns.

The rewards for the pre-order survey are points that go to your SHiFT account. You can redeem things from the website like golden keyes and such under the “Rewards” tab. Any other questions might be there or under the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the “Program Info” tab under “Insiders”.

I hope this helped at least a little. It is a tad confusing.

The way i see it is that you indeed log into your SHiFT account and everything you do here will add up points.
I saw that you can redeem points for golden keys, which ofcourse are linked towards your SHiFT account and thats linked to your Xbox account.

So basically everything you do is linked to you SHiFT account, but you must be sure that your Xbox account is linked to your SHiFT account

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