VIP age verification problem

How do I verify my age for the vault insiders program I hit login and it says verify you age then sends my to the private policy page


You may be getting redirected if your account is already set to be an age younger than what they accept, or if your browser’s extensions are blocking the website from accessing information they need/ giving you a pop-up to ask your age.

I tried this on my computer and it refused to work, but worked perfectly fine on my phone, maybe you could try this as well?

Hey thanks man it worked

Im trying to sign up for the insiders program. But it says “verify your age. There was a problem with your submission” i have verified like 3 or 4 times and it says in the rules that you have to be 17+ to join it when I AM 17+. Any help would be appreciated as i pre ordered bl3 and would like to get my early adopter pack.

This is happening to me to i cant fix it