VIP Children of the Vault Weapon

I purchased pre-order Borderlands 3 from the Epic games store app, but I was not given step 1 in the pre-order reward.

Go to Step-2 and finish the survey.

Completing the survey is the only things that’ll get you points at the moment. I guess they can’t monitor purchases on every platforms and physical purchases.
Next “reward” will be when you play the game within 14 days after release.


As others said, you don’t actually need to preorder, you just need to fill out the survey. So you can still get the early adopter pack even if you rent the game instead of buying it I believe. Sadly, 2K has decided to discourage renting the game in other ways, Gamefly isn’t shipping out copies until the 14th, one day after release (they usually ship out games 1 day before release), and Redbox is listing that Borderlands 3 won’t be available until the 16th, 3 days after release. 2K is the only publishers that I have ever seen discourage renting in such a fashion.