Vip codes where are my weapons

Hi, used 12000 points to buy three weapons for bl2. Been 10 days or so and still no joy.
Who do I talk too?

Did have a 5th LVL character when started the game but switch to LVL 44 to enter the game to get the weapons. who wants 5 LVL weapons.

No I have not played the 5lvl character since I bought the weapons.

Thanks all


Main thread (where you’ll find links to support) is here:

One thing I’m not quite clear about: is the issue that you got the items but on the wrong (low level) character, or that there are other items that didn’t show up at all? Because the way the system works, items like weapons etc. will always show up on the character you launch first.

OK clarity needed.

So when in the menu before actually playing the game under extras/shift. the display does not show up there that the codes/weapons have been done. Others we did are there from before and so are they keys we get.

Then it sounds like the BL2 items did not get transferred to your game. You can double-check directly on the SHIFT web site, which has a complete list of all your redemptions for all the Borderlands games. Items purchased through the VIP site should show up in SHIFT (and in your game) within 24 hours. If they show up in SHIFT but not in your game, you will need to file a support ticket.

So it says I redeemed it on the 29th of august.

But I cannot get them from my 44(now 47) lvl character.

can I have it removed and try again.
So since my 5th lvl character was in the menu then it most be my rewards are stuck with it. So bad programming. When choosing the rewards only says you need to own a copy of the game. Not that you should put as your default the character you want to have the item.


SHIFT rewards have always been redeemed into the character you launch first after the SHIFT update happens - that’s not necessarily the “default character” (which is simply the last one you played) as you can hit character select and load up a different one. But whichever one you start a session with first will be the one with the reward.

No, this screenshot only says that you spent VIP points on rewards. Check the Shift site:

I suspect you won’t find them there, and therefore they did not appear in game. File support ticket - the more tickets, the better chances it will be fixed at this point.

I don’t think that’s true: just launching the game won’t send rewards to whoever is there in the start screen. Only once you STARTED the game (and your character was placed onto Pandora by a helpful New-U station) items will (or should) be in your backpack.

I thought that’s what the OP was trying to say; I may have misunderstood them. I did clarify that in my last post.

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