VIP Guns of BL3

So I got 8 marks of UNLOCK LEGENDARY BORDERLANDS 3 WEAPON, but Idk when I can get it in my mail of game, I have already check several times, there is no gun in my mail, So if someone can tell me, it is grateful for you

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking but it sounds like you’re looking at the “challenge” for looting legendary weapons. That just counts how many you find or get as a reward. After a set amount it’ll say Challenge Complete, I don’t think you actually get anything for it.

The VIP gun (Vault Hero) should be in your Social tab and from Social tab view your mail and make sure you are connected to online.

The gun always come out as a level 12 legendary. Personally I never got 8 checks to unlock it in the program to find out

If you are on PC, instead of it being in a normal menu for your characters, you have to:

  1. Be on a character, not in the main menu screen.
  2. Hit ESC, not Tab. From there, you’ll see “social” as an option. Click that.

After you click that, about 4-5 icons over to the right is mail. You can then sort through that mail and accept items to the character you are on.

If the VIP site is showing that you’ve unlocked the Maliwan Legendary but it’s definitely not showing up in the in-game email (as described in the above posts), your best bet would be to file a support ticket. As pointed out above, the item is level-locked, so this may or may not be worth your while depending on how far through the game you are, or whether you intend to start additional characters.

thanks all of you