VIP Infinite Norfleets

I don’t know what happend but i used to VIP insider program to get a norfleet and i got one without a problem, a month or so later i used it again to get another one and now im stuck getting infinite amount of them, i even swap characters and still get one every time i go into the character. So as much as i should love this, its getting pretty dumb, any help would be appreciated.


I don’t have an immediate solution to this, but I’d suggest letting the support desk know so they can look into it, and hopefully resolve the issue. It would help them if you could provide as much information as possible.

Out of curiosity though, is the VIP weapon card adding a new tick for each one?

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I just redeemed a Slag one, so I made a wish and rubbed my belly hoping what happened to you would happen to me with a different element.
Nope, just the single Norfleet.
Top of my head, what’s your network like? Robust and always solid, or somewhat flakey? I can see this happening if your connection is spotty.


Maybe you’re getting the Norfleets that others have said never showed up? You could be a very popular person!

Joking aside, it could well be some sort of network issue - have you done a full exit and reboot of your computer?


Yeah, if the SHIFT won’t register your claim, it can spawn again. Like items and keys in SHIFT Machine in Concordia in TPS.

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No only at 3 atm

I appreciate the help everyone i contacted Gearbox, hopefully they’ll know something i can do.

Well… you could always sort through the Norfleet fleet, pick out the better ones, bank them, and sell the rest.

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Start an ebay store selling Norfleets :rofl:


I got 3 norfleets from one code. All different elements and all different prefixes. Used VIP points and cashed in on a hellfire for Maya and got 3 if them too all different prefixes. Strange how inconsistent it is.


Sorry for the late reply but the problem has been solved thanks for the advice

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My second one is having the same problem of not being in my inventory, just like the first one.

Alek or some such is helping me this time.

I have gotten to the “send us your SHIFT ID again”, step… again.

Here is hoping for a Fire one.

…and that BL3 bonuses actually work day one. :confused:

I am… somewhat less optimistic, now, after the second time.

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