VIP Legendary Maliwan Gun cant find in game?

all the stuff I bought whit VIP point I found in my in-game mail but not the VIP Legendary Maliwan Gun :frowning_face: , does anyone knows how to fix this? , I´d appreciate the help :slight_smile:


got mine, was in mail… had a lot of mail haha


ja also had a lot of mail haha, not this gun which is sad because you get all the points and spend them to get that gun and… nothing :frowning: hoping I find out why soon

anyone know if it scales yet? or just another of those you toss away in 3-5 levels?

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i got to level 8 and redemed it and it was level 8 so i can only assume so, might be best not to redeem and just keep it till later

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Should i redeem all my points for rewards before i get the game? like are any of the rewards “before release exclusive”? such as the legendary maliwan gun

the other borderlands games rewards, the guns were auto placed in the bags of the first player i logged on, at the level of that player due to no mail system. which sucks having a good weapon on a level 6 that i would rather have had on a higher player. part my fault since i forgot i did the reward spin, and should have logged the higher player first.

Once unlocked, your Legendary Maliwan gun will be delivered to you via the in-game mail system. from rewards page

my question, does it scale to your level when you remove it from mail? or is it locked to your level at the time mailed.

can imagine checking mail like at level 21 and seeing a no longer worthwhile level-8 legendary in your mail

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mine was like 12 when I redeemed it and I was lvl 1 so

Any more confirmation on the scale thingy? Most of us still don’t know if it’s worth to claim on low lvl or if you already outleveled it claiming it on higher levels

pretty sure the preorder weapons dont scale…

Yeah I have the same issue I can’t find the Maliwan legendary in my mail or on my vip rewards history



How do you open a ticket?

Anyone higher than level 20 redeem the mail items yet? Also want to know if the weapons scale.

  • one player above says he was level 8 and redeemed item it was level 8
  • another says he was level 1 and redeemed item it was level 12

it would help if players say redeemed… does that mean when they took it from mail?

Screenshots would be helpful…

I redeemed the guns at lvl 2 on the xbox.

The legendary maliwan was lvl 12

The purple weapons I bought 1 of each of were all lvl 10.

Now i want some higher levels to see getting it. Want to know if level 12 is max.
(Though I’m still waiting for mine…)

I opened the mail for the xp booster shield and the bouncing balls and money grenades at 2 and they were lvl 2. after that I didn’t open the rest besides the skins and trinkets.

Didn’t see the maliwan gun in the mail, idk if you have to collect that from somewhere.

Same here, I’ve redeemed and collected everything else, just finished my 8 VIP weapon redeems, and got the check for the Legendary Malian Gun… But it’s not showing up in my mailbox… Maybe you have to restart the game to refresh the mail?