VIP legendary maliwan reward glitched

For the last week I’ve had all 8 check marks for the legendary reward weapon. But only after I bought one more gun, did the website give me a notification that I had actually earned the weapon.

My only thought is that it might not be counting the children of the vault weapon like it says it does.
Anyone else have this issue?


Yup 8/8 unlocked but not stated in “rewards”.
I have 19k points so might to buy one more weapon to be sure…

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If i’m not mistaking, you have 8 weapons and one shield. Maybe it doesn’t count shields.

I’d try out, but i sent a ticket already yesterday. Now i wait what they gonna say.

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I sent the ticked to support few days ago. They replied that I get the weapon regardless if it’s shown in rewards or not. But that doesn’t change, that I’m worried…



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Maybe the VIP site doesn’t update until you go 1 over the requirement?

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It counts shields, too. For some reason the COV reward gun doesn’t register until another weapon is acquired. It happened to me as well.

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Maybe someone coded

if (items > 8) 

instead of

if (items >= 8)

Wouldn’t be the first time in coding history a test had a logic error in it!


I might have to buy another weapon to try this out. Lol

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Welp bought extra weapon for BL2 and still that 8 :white_check_mark: doesn’t show up in my rewards :frowning:

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I hope 2k support didn’t lie to you… instead of double checking their code… stares inquisitively

On your screen shot you have TWO shields.
The other guy had ONE shield and had to collect 9 items.

Maybe my shield-theory IS right.

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I have no shield in rewards and waiting for second answer from support.

Got 9 rewards myself. No Maliwan yet.

Claimed a 10th reward. No notification yet.

Read this problem on the forums and I too hadnt recieved notification. Thought “why not”. Bought an additional weapon and a few hours later got notification for my legendary maliwan on my rewards. FYI i did recieve a shield as a reward and had the early adopters COV weapon so use that for your math. Just for anyone who wants to make dounle sure they get the weapon on launch

I have 2 shields and 8 weapons. Still nothing.

OK, it literally just popped up now.

In my case, after I asked why I have 8 checkmarks but no Legendary Maliwan reward notification, response from support was not very helpful: it was advising me to log into the game and see whether item is in my back pack. I guess I’ll need to discuss with them why it’s impossible at the moment.

Interestingly enough, I now have the second VIP issue, my last two weapon VIP purchases for BL2 failed to show up in game :frowning:.

They’re probably just saturated from all the “my BL2|TPS weapon isn’t there” requests. Be gentle - tech support is not always the nicest job in the world!

No argument here. I also subscribe to theory that honey works better than vinegar in these situations.

The best theory I’ve heard is that the site isn’t “counting” the BL3 guns (including the pre-order one) since the game isn’t out and there’s nowhere for SHiFT to “deliver” them to yet (so it doesn’t think I’ve “claimed” 8 yet since 4 of my check marks are from BL3 guns). However, I’m open to hearing from anyone whose circumstances would disprove this!

I also have a ticket with support and they believe there should be no issue so I’m not going to worry about it too much until the game is out because I’d rather hoard my points for now, anyway.

Yes, there is.


Could someone who has the Maliwan smg in their rewards in VIP profile, use SHIFT site and check if the gun is listed there?