VIP Minions! What cool stuff have you gotten so far?!

I’m psyched to see the reload on this baby!
Can’t wait to see more #Borderlands-3:FL4K Heads!!

i also forgot I got the conference call and Ol’ Faithful from TPS that I didn’t need :tired_face: wanted another baby maker!


I bought all the ConRep skins, enough weapons for BL2/PS to get the MaliLegend (because I’m a Maliwan fan girl for life. Amara will love it). I’m gonna buy a Daisy Marshall for BL3 as soon as I get my points from the BL1 weekend :slight_smile:

I haven´t spend my points, yet… I plan to buy golden keys with my points to BL3

it´s kinda obvious BL3 is gonna get golden keys

All skins and heads. I have no need for weapons since starter weapons will be enough to carry me until I get better weapons.

I have a hunch there might be Crazy Earl stuffs that can also be purchase from VIP program instead of in-game methods alone. I’m going sit back to see if that might be a thing in the future

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Lol I got that shotgun in the weaponizer I might get that Zane head tho :japanese_ogre::ok_hand:t2:

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Now you’re talking That would be awesome if there was some crazy earl gear!

Got all the BL3 skins/heads, now I think I can spend the “play BL1” points on getting an OP10 Norfleet. I’ve never had that weapon actually, never managed to spawn Vermi


Yasss Maliwan Girls Unite!! I got that Tediore in the weaponizer! also got the mural background for my phone​:nerd_face: :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

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I got all but one of the skins, all the heads & the 8 weapons to unlock the maliwan legendary.
Next I think I’ll get some of the BL3 weapons. Jacob’s pistol then the shotgun.


I was using VIP points so far to correct RNG injustice (and my aversion to farming): got a couple of Norfleets (no chance for me to get one in game), an Ogre (same), CC and a Bee (I’m lazy and don’t enjoy farming).

Now contemplating whether to get a couple of skins/heads or may be another Ogre or Norfleet for twinking. Not a big fan of golden keys in general: I do get them from Twitter etc., but almost never redeem in game. Feels like cheating somehow and breaking immersion: you have this golden chest, but no ability to get keys to open one inside BL universe . Why can’t they make them drop in game as a rare drop? So easy to integrate into game play and avoid 4th wall breakage.

Jeeez that last post of mine got wonky. Lol I’ve always said that too! In game keys that were made super hard to find could be cool so then the chest could contain legendaries or pearls

That puma looks interesting if it can be as OP as a sand hawk with a pretty looking burst fire :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

So far just the Oni head for Zane, and the skin for Fl4k. And the 3 free weaponizer spins if those count. I’m still sitting on 22k points, so in the end I’ll probably end up getting all of the heads and skins, just to have them. Not actually a big fan of most of the other heads though. Zanes is amazing, but the other 3 were pretty lackluster in my book.

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Yes! It all counts! :grin:

zanes head is the best and I don’t even plan on playing him yet salty I know big fl4k over here is gonna have some siiiiick heads/skins!

I have 12.5k points and waiting for the 4K for the BL1 weekend but I’m not sure what to get first. The head skins look great but I might get some golden keys.

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I have all skins and heads plus three weapons for BL3. Waiting with last checkmark, probably will buy Conference Call on lvl 1. Right now I have 9,1k points and 4k on the way from BL1R.

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Hell yeah! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for those mobile backgrounds lmao I wish the FL4K desktop photo was also for mobile!!!

Use this.

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I haven’t seen anything worth spending points on yet. So all I’ve gotten is a couple of weapons from the free spins. Only one of which is for BL3 so far.

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Only the season 3 weaponizer had a chance to drop bl3 guns.