VIP points for playing Borderlands: GotY not credited

I played all three days that the event was active, and I was only credited for two. How do I get the points I was supposed to receive?


It ran off the GMT timezone. So if your not GMT you may have played outside of that particular window. It was in the small text on the article.

I didn’t see that and people were telling me something different. that’s so screwed up. but that’s probably the reason. thanks for your answer.

What days were you credited for? I had a similar issue, I was only credited the 16th and 18th and I’m only 1 hour in front of GMT. But I played throughout the day so I should have gotten it. My buddy I played with recieved credit for all 3 days

You should contact VIP support then.

Yea I played all three days PST and only got credited for one day :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: How do I get in contact with VIP support?

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Check this post.

Thank you!

I had the same issue, but this morning i finally got them, three days later.

I played all 3 days, got credited 1000 points for playing all 3 days, yet only got 1000 points for playing one day - so I got 2000 points in total, and half of that was the reward for playing the whole 3 days :rofl: really makes sense that.

No biggie, it got me above 4k points anyway with a few videos watched etc and I got a Conference call that I’ve had woeful luck looting, the only one I’ve ever got across 5-6 years playing on 3 platforms is a level 25 one I found in a locker chest (the tall yellow ones) just before Bunker. I lost count how many times I took down Warrior and never got a single one.

Contact support if you want those missing points.

This is very disappointing. Burying that critical information in the fine print was a BAD idea. I played all three days but only got credit for one.

And why was that time zone decision made? I live in the Pacific Time Zone. We are 8 hours behind GMT, so this means that I had to log in before 4 PM to get credit for that day. How is a normal working adult expected to do that??


Well, you could log-in on Thursday, after 4PM your time.

Which they gave no indication of unless you read the fine print before Friday afternoon. They promoted it as a weekend event, and I do not think it is an unreasonable expectation that participants would check the details on the first advertised day of the event.

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What? This info was realeased on Aug 14th You have all the details in it about when the event starts and ends.

funny. I was only credited for the 16th and 18th too. I contected support, but so far it’s been of no help. I’m going to replay to them later on with more info and maybe they can help me out. maybe.

I played for all 3 days. My kids also had an interest so they created characters and played on my account. However, neither my kids or I counted toward the VIP points. Each day we probably played about 3 hours but they said “There is nothing we can do”. This makes me very worried about future events they may hold and if I will get credit for them.

I was also aware that there is a 5 hour difference in the time zones. So I accounted for that.

i never got my points for playing the whole weekend. I have a shift account, on the new BL3 website i have some points. do i use the same password for the shift codes as for getting help on gearbox support?

It took awhile but all is well now in Pandora. They were wonderful in there ability to solve the issue.

Received mine ok.but I also played either side of the time zone and during just to make sure.