VIP points from playing BL2

we’re supposed to get 1000 VIP points for playing Borderlands 2 this weekend, I played yesterday I’ve played this morning, but when I go and look at my VIP points totals it doesn’t show the thousand points for playing yesterday or today. I already had the handsome collection before it was free to play I, am I being punished for already having it on disc? Also I preordered Borderlands 3 through the PlayStation Store, but that does not show up on my VIP account. So what’s going on?

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I didn’t have that trouble on pre ordering BL3 on PSN… did you link the account correctly? Probably so if you have used it on other transactions… Did you complete the survey though?

It’s for playing borderlands GOTY, the remaster of the first game. And the points won’t show up until the 21st

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So If I have the Handsome Collection, with thge HD remaster update applied, that doesn’t count?

No. BL1 GOTY Remastered (since you need the SHIFT sign in for the rewards to be registered.) It’s mentioned in the official event announcement on the web site.

Edit: Just realised you may mean the PC Handsome Collection - I believe that should work if you downloaded the free BL1 GOTY Remaster for PC when it came out. I don’t think it would work if it’s just the original PC BL2 release with the 4k/UHD textures.

The .exe files have different names between the two versions. If the one you’re playing doesn’t have a golden key chest added in Fyrestone and New Haven, that one won’t work for the event.

Yes, I linked my PSN account LONG before I pre-ordered BL3, yes I completed the survey. But all of the VIP rewards you are supposed to get (IE, Children of the Vault weapon, echo device skin, 5 gold keys) aren’t showing up in my list of claimed rewards, and in the Activites list, it shows the survey being checked off, but NOT the pre-order BL3, and not the claim reward sections.

No, I don’t play games on my computer, this all for PS4.

I really wish there was a gearbox/borderlands employee I could talk to. This whole “let the community help itself” thing never works for me.

Then if you have the BL1 GOTY Remaster on PS4, that will work for this event. It is apparently available as a free demo this weekend through the PSS.

Not sure if anyone mentioned, but I am pretty sure we won’t get any points showing until Aug 21st? I thought I read that in my email from them. 1000 pts for each day you play from 16-18 and a bonus 1000 pts if you play all 3 days, but I am pretty sure I read we won’t actually get the points until the 21st.

Correct - the official announcement mentions that the totals will be determined once the event ends on the 21st.