VIP points... Nothing new to redeem!

I love the VIP program, I try and collect points as often as I can. But a bought up all the cool stuff I was interested in and nothing of substance has appeared. We keep getting point opportunities, and that’s good for those that are later comers to the party. I’m all for all Borderlands players getting cool stuff for all the versions. If course I’m personally looking for BL3 keys or unobtainable weapons for now! But since I’ll eventually start this all over from the very beginning, more cool weapons for the other BL games would be appreciated.
So any inkling on new stuff?

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VIP program was an advertisement. was a tool for selling the game at first week via building up excitement amongst players. Now that they dont need it, they just forgot about it. Maybe in the future when people starting to lose their interest to the game, they might add something new to it.

I know. All the hunting for points, etc. But now nothing. Why not add a few more custom heads or skins, or just make them redeemable for Golden Keys? Maybe they will in the future.

I get that, I’m all for capitalism, oops will that four letter get me banned?
Just seems all too odd that they keep adding points.
And while new heads might appease how about unreal weapons, shields, grenades not available anywhere else!! Ones that turn the tide ! Man I love those!

I think they’ll add a season 4 somewhere down the line. They must be releasing points to be redeemed for a reason right? Otherwise everyone would just have accumulated a bunch of points for nothing

I stopped redeeming all codes after a week when I realized they weren’t going to do anything with them.

I get what everyone wants, but all Bl games had some sort of vip club that got ignored once the game was out. Also this version has said since it came out: 3 seasons.

As we got our 3 seasons, I figured it would die like the other 2 versions. However as they keep adding points (assume so the late adopters can catch up) it would be nice if they atleast added keys to it.

I think making this the only way to get game_changing guns (like some want) would be a mistake and alienate players…

However I would be fine with them adding difficulty/mayhem specific gear (such as the upcoming Mayhem 4 only drops, or even some of the upcoming Takedown gear) to the VIP list, because then we would have an option on how to get the gear. Either farm the difficulty or takedown (raid) boss that drops them, or search for vip point codes to get a random version/annointment of that gear with our precious points.