Vip Prgramm Bl3 Weapns, first char or every char?

I want to ask if the Weapons from the Vip programm are only for the first char or for every char that i will play in future? They are all lv 10 right?


The three purple guns from S3 are lvl 10. There is no confirmation about the Maliwan legendary.

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Unless otherwise stated (such as the BL3 guns) the reward weapons scale to the level of the character you first log in with… so they’re probably going to be level 1 weapons.

They are going to be lv.10 weapons and You will most likely recieve them only once for the first character You log in to the game.

Thats only in BL2. In TPS works better in that matter and probably BL3 too.

that would be realy bad, then i would rather invest the points in to the skins if its only for the first char.

I’m ViP since it came out. Was able without problems to get all skins (no heads, they’re ugly to me) and 8 of 8 weapons for legendary Maliwan. Still got 2k of them left (points).

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Hopefully they just shove the reward guns into the mailbox, allowing us to reserve them for around mid-game if we so desire.

You can make it so that you always have them for future play throughs. Just save them on a mule.

The purple rarity bl3 weapons you can currently purchase with points are going to be locked at level 10. As for the Maliwan legendary you can get, it’s not cofirmed yet

You can always just put them in the vault for your alt characters

Or take advantage of the mailing system. I forget where they mentioned it, but they did say any weapon you mail to someone else would auto-adjust to the recipient’s level when they pull it from the mailbox. So just mail it to an alt…

…Assuming they don’t prevent you from mailing a weapon to yourself.