Vip program duration

Any idea how long this vip program is intended to last? Is it intended to last for a couple years, or just till the game releases? Just wondering what to do with all my points! I’ve bought over ten guns and still got almost 20,000 points to spend. Will there be more seasons with more borderlands 3 guns that I should save them for??

I doubt the VIP itself is going away. I imagine more seasons down the road with new cosmetics and maybe eventually BL3 legendaries. However if you want that promo maliwan legendary for BL3 you need to make your weapon purchases from season 1-3.

I’ve already earned the maliwan. I hope it keeps going but I can’t imagine they could keep up this pace of handing out points once it’s released and they’re done doing all these shows, but who knows, they’re clearly full of surprises!

Well, throwing VIP codes out like candy is nothing to them. Just break out the random code generator for key codes and a random word generator using Borderlands related stuff and start clicking “Generate”.

I’m sure they have a separate team dedicated to the VIP program. Most companies have a social media team these days.