VIP Program is a shame

No new cosmetic items, no new weapons, no new weaponizer… So whats the point into logging into it anymore?


I’m near into 50k points and getting 300 per week by their social media is all I can get.

I’m hoping the rewards can drop soon. Heck I’d like to see non DLC legendaries drop.

Imagine if VIP program allows gun crafting. Like say I want a Recurring Hex. That’s 1,000 points… but I want Radiation, that’s +500 extra. Oh… I want annointed I guess that’s +750 extra.

and I want certain annointed. I guess another +750. VIP program would be cool if that added and hopefully they’re more ways to earn points. Doing daily activity in-game hopefully


If only… maybe on Christmas Eve a GBX employee will get a glimpse of “what VIP could have been” :wink:

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Reckon they got what they wanted out of it already.

For a game that takes the mick out of youtubers, twitch streamers and the whole online “influencer” marketing sphere, having in-game rewards tied to account linking, personal information sharing and other 3rd party nonsense really rubbed me the wrong way.

It’s coaxing valuable marketing data out of people that 2k/GBX would otherwise have had to pay for.

Sign of the times really.


I’m leery of using systems outside the game, to provide powerful items to players. It makes balancing the game difficult and can leave some players out of the loop. I’d rather have an in-game system for customizing gear, and moving the cosmetic drops to the VIP system.

They could also add more animations, sound-bites/call-outs, weapon particle effects, shield-effects, etc. to the pool of cosmetics.


This. One of the main reasons I barely bother with the game, which is saying something for a rabid fan with 6k+ hours in the franchise.

And seeing people ask for what amounts to a personal copy of Gibbed as a reward for providing GBX/2K with free social media boosting and marketing…in the interest of keeping the peace I’m just going to assume they didn’t think that one through as carefully as they might have.

I’ll just note that most F2P MMOs would consider that a step too far. I hope to Bog 2K thinks the same.

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In another world they already know: VIP Program is abandoned.

well if they added a vault hero that could be higher lvl than 12, as a reward for being part of the VIP program that would be nice

at least it would be something

VIP was used as a marketing tool to help spur sales of BL3.
Once BL3 was out, there is no real need for it.
Until the next big thing they are going to sell.
Nothing wrong with it, and nothing different that any other game franchise has done.

It will ramp up again in the future, but only when needed.

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That sounds suspiciously like Pay to Win.

Any developer who introduces pay to win into their business model loses my support entirely.