VIP Program shut down early

I’ve commented on the VIP program shutdown a few times with no response.
Here I go again.

The program is supposed to shut down on the 18th, today is the 14th.

NO rewards are redeemable now AND my Xbox points balance of about 12,000 points is GONE.

Nice way to handle things.

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I used TPS reward like 10 minutes ago.

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Wait wait wait really? I was planning on buying a final 4000 weapon but realize my math is way way off. I’m still have days of deciding what to get with 3000 or under points.

Darn it. I should’ve acted fast and bought something. Ugh… a shame though. I’ll get on VIP to see it myself

Are you still logged into your SHIFT account on the site?

Okay so I checked and I was able to spend TPS and BL2 golden keys. It still work I guess

Yup. Logged out, logged back in.
Same with both my Xbox and PS4 accounts.

Just redeemed another reward in TPS and it’s already in SHIFT Machine in Concordia.

Guess it’s just me. Logged out/in again, still nothing.

I’ll have to make due with 10 fewer Golden Keys for BL1 :slight_smile:

guess i’ll see if I can pick up the Moze bear head

Something is up with the Golden Keys, redeemed 10 and two more weapons in TPS. Guns are in Shift Machine but keys are missing.
Nevermind, they are with other keys in Machine.

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I suggested to fix the transfer of modded weapons by shutting down shift maybe it is a result of it?
Just a guess therefor we would need more information.

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