VIP program sure has been quiet lately

Last code was “bloodyharvest” on October 28 (unless I’m missing something).

I wish they’d keep this going/create a season 4.

I’m starting to find myself feeling stupid for continuing to check daily.


I have over 30,000 points and nothing to spend it on. They have completely forgotten about it. What a waste of time it has been. They should at least open up spending those points on keys. I am not spending them on BL2 keys when i already have over 200 sitting there in BL2


I guess it will be reactivated before Steam release.

I was thinking the same thing

Had no codes or new season of vip

Imagine they throw raid/M4 weapons in the program >_>

But I might buy it even though I’m hoarding points for something better

I’m just spending my points on golden keys for Borderlands 1 :slight_smile: (btw, that’s true).

But very good point about re-activation prior to Steam release, I might start hoarding again.
And always remember, every week you can pick up 300 points by going to the activities page and clicking the boxes to view GB’s twitter, FB, and Insta pages.


Just FYI to those who might not understand…

…this was a fan option that was NOT a DLC. It was “join and get bonuses” similar to getting golden keys.

This is NOT paid for. If it BECOMES paid for, it would be a totally different entity.

AND, as such, I’m not saying I’m owed a damn thing. But if they wanted to create an interest based community…well they did so and then abandoned it. They could easily have maintained it, if it had been in their own, uh, I hate to reuse the word, but…interests.

I’m not saying that they’re jerks for deciding not to maintain it…I just want to know if they’ve decided not to so I can stop checking for updates…you know…because wasting time is fruitless…but if there were codes that I should be checking for…not worthless.

Would love to hear if they’ve decided to ditch it or start releasing codes again in their Feb 11 announcements.

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It was a PR stunt. Gearbox can be like that.

Don’t. You can also safely stop checking daily because if it cranks up again the Forums will probably go a little nuts over it and you’ll find out anyway.