VIP Program watching videos not working?

(Ntnaruto28) #1

I recently signed up for the program, and started doing the activities, but for some reason whenever I watch the videos, it doesnt track and add the points. Ive watched them in the exact browser they send me to. I dont skip anything, or fast forward. After the video is done I click the x to close it but still never get the points for watching the video no matter how many times I have.

(Dzri Shadow6) #2

Work just fine for me just make sure the video ends before pressing the x to close it.

(Ntnaruto28) #3

I did. I let the video finish all the way through. It completely stops. I hit the x in the corner to close it. And Ill see the Media page it was overlapping. Then Ill refresh the activities page and still nothing. Im wondering whats going on…

(Halorecon2013) #4

Try clicking the video from the media page.

(Ntnaruto28) #5

That oddly seems to have worked…dunno why but now the videos are finally checked off. Weird. Thanks!