VIP - Programm ... fell asleep?

Well … hi there my dear Vaulthunters and Huntresses :wink:

When will we get good Stuff for collected VIP-Points? ATM there are 3(!) green weapons available…which - so i guess - drops @ Level 10 .
What are the points worth atm? …

Good loot…good shoot everyone…

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Its purple when i redeemed it.

I got some cool heads for each of my characters. There are some skins too but they didn’t interest me as much. Love my robo kitty head for moze.

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What, how can it be purple, when its Green on the website?

I spent 4000 Points…and in game the weapons are green and @ Lvl.10 LUUUUL

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the background color do not indicate the rarity of it.

i got a purple on it though.

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