VIP reward Early Adopters Pack not receiving check mark

I preordered Borderlands 3 and filled out the survey for the early adopters pack and it is suppose to count towards the legendary Maliwan gun but I have yet to receive the check mark for the adopters pack. I have enough points to reach the 8 weapon buys but I need the season 3 spin and the early adopters pack check mark first. Any help would be appreciated.

i odnt have the check mark for the adapters pack yet either. i think you get it when you play bl3 for the first time but i’m unsure honestly. i to have done the surveys and stuff to get it. if anyone knows more than i do about this that would also be helpful…

edit: found the answer.

Log in to SHiFT and play Borderlands 3 within 14 days of its release; your Early Adopter Pack will show up in your in-game inventory.

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:point_up_2: This.
Guess/opinion is they can’t monitor every purchase on every platform/store possible.
So we get points and stuff for filling the survey and playing within the first 14 days.
But nothing from “actually pre-ordering it”.

Contact VIP support if you missing something. You should have at least 3 check marks, two from Weaponizer and one from Adopter Pack.

I actually made a weapon purchase for TPS and it gave me a check mark for the early adopters pack.

Good. Absolute Zero I hope.