VIP Reward - Lyuda Borderlands 2 (Not appearing in-game)

I know this has been a topic, however, the other topics the issue got fixed. I redeemed 4000 points for a Lyuda in Borderlands 2. The check is there for the Legendary Maliwan for BL3, but the item has not shown up in-game. Not there in the Shift Codes section in-game. It’s been several days since the “purchase”.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is the problem being discussed here:

It looks like BL2 items redeemed using VIP points since about Aug.27 are not showing up in-game for some reason, but it’s unclear why.


OK good to know. Thank you for the response.

I also spent 4000 pts on Lyuda for Borderlands 2. It shows on the shift rewards list, but does not show on the first character I load. How do you redeem the weapon after it appears on the list?

You’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance if the item is showing in your shift rewards but did not appear on the first character you loaded.