VIP Rewards are redeemable through SHiFT again


I didn’t see anything in the Borderlands 3 forum about the rewards being fixed, but it had already been discussed on the Handsome Collection forum here:

Looks like Borderlands and SHiFT are connected again.

I just spent 4000 points on a Norfleet today (September 10, 2019). When I clicked on my, it was already showing up in my REWARDS HISTORY.

Then I went to my page. In the pulldown menu for “Redeemed rewards for:” I selected “Steam”. It listed:

Maliwan Norfleet
September 10, 2019
You have redeemed a code through the Vault Insider Program for the Maliwan Norfleet rocket launcher – look for it to appear in the backpack of (and be the same level as) the first character you load after unlocking this!

Started up Borderlands 2 and within a few seconds on the MAIN MENU, a yellow exclamation point appeared next to EXTRAS. Selected EXTRAS>SHiFT CODE and the Norfleet was there:

What made me decide to test it today was that I saw that SHiFT had this listed:

VIP Early Adopter Pack
September 10, 2019
You have redeemed the Vault Insider Program Early Adopter Pack, which includes a the CoV Inespensuv Shredda, 5 SHiFT Keys, and the Official VIP Echo Device Skin – look for these items to appear in the Player Mail (and at the current level) of the first character you load after unlocking this.

(Don’t blame me for the spelling of “Inespensuv Shredda”.)

I hoped that meant that and were back in sync, so I redeemed 10 keys first, then a Norfleet and everything showed up.

I still have two other Norfleets and a Retainer that I tried to redeem on 8/31, 9/3. and 9/6 which have not shown up yet. I don’t know if I will have to fill out a support ticket to get the points back, or if Borderlands and SHiFT will add those later. My Conference Call that I redeemed on 8/24 did get added by SHiFT to Borderlands 2.

Just got one of the two Norfleets to appear on SHiFT and it was added to my backpack in Borderlands 2. That makes it three fire Norfleets and one Corrosive Norfleet with one to go.

I used the VIP Points on 8/31 and 9/6 for Norfleets. Don’t know which one was added to SHiFT on 9/11.

There is also a missing Retainer that was redeemed on 9/3. That should show up next.

And now the Retainer and the last Norfleet that I had claimed have been redeemed. That makes my VIP rewards up to date with all missing rewards finally added by SHiFT.