VIP rewards delivery

I’m having issues getting my rewards from the VIP program. My wife and I play on the same PS4 but have seperate profiles, shift acc. Etc. I have made sure I am fully logged into just my profile. But I never get my rewards and my wifes rewards show up on my profile. Anyone know of this or a number I can actually talk to someone?

You’ll need to file a support ticket to get this sorted. Make sure you grab the Shift support ID from the in-game menu (instructions are on the form).

Will check it out. Thank you!

Nvm. I already did the form on that link. They said to turn it off and turn it on again. Smh.

Hit reply on the last email to follow up with them. They usually ask you to do the obvious things first, because a large number of problems are fixed by doing them. After that is where it gets interesting…